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Serious Labs Launches VR-based Airline Maintenance Module for MEWP Operators

Serious Labs, an Edmonton-based virtual reality (VR) company, is a leading provider of solutions for the operation and training of heavy equipment like mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs) and cranes. It recently made an announcement about the latest airline module for MEWP operators as a section of its newest software update. The new module facilitates sophisticated hands-on training and assessment in a safe environment for airline maintenance crews.

The new airline module from Serious Labs enables advanced-level training for MEWP operators, to test their positioning and placement close to curved structures. Developed by MEWP industry stalwarts, the burdensome scenarios let an operator boost risk awareness and develop the skills required to set the MEWP at close distances to an aircraft during real-world maintenance processes, whilst minimising the eventualities of contacting or causing damage to the aircraft with the equipment.

Darren Verschuren, International Account Director of Serious Labs, remarked that airplane maintenance is a key aviation industry challenge, and most tasks are done regularly by using scissor and boom lifts. Elaborating further, he said that training airplane maintenance crews on operating MEWPs is only possible from distances quite far from actual aircrafts. Even small mistakes can result in huge financial drawbacks. Using a VR training simulation is a suitable approach for operators to accumulate hands-on experience and solidify skills before working close to an aircraft.

The VR airline maintenance module for MEWP operators, by Serious Labs. Image source: heavyequipmentguide

The training module has 23 task-specific scenarios which are easy to set up, easy to launch and mainly focused on carrying out operations close to an aircraft’s parabolic structure. Operators face the challenges of maintaining smooth control over the equipment consistently, using joystick controls to exhibit how the functions are feathered precisely, tweaking machine speed whilst getting closer to the fuselage, among other things. The ESP Scoring™ system from Serious Labs provides measurable feedback to analyse operator performance related to safety, precision and efficiency.

Verschuren said that as the ESP Scoring™ data is obtained from condition-controlled scenarios, the skills of operators can be isolated. He explained that this clarifies how these professionals can be made to improve. Verschuren said that since his company is the only one offering the capability on a global level, it can be quite beneficial for training and generating favourable outcomes.

Jim Colvin, CEO of Serious Labs, remarked that the airline industry is quite a suitable domain for the company’s VR MEWP simulation equipment. Decades back, simulators were incorporated by the airline industry for training pilots. Hence, it became easy for many of them to understand how maintenance crews could experience the same set of benefits. Airlines and airline maintenance contracting agencies interested in purchasing or renting the VR MEWP simulators of can approach the worldwide rental partners of Serious Labs.

The CONEXPO trade show, to be held in Las Vegas between March 10-14, will play host to the demonstration of the new airline module. Serious Labs will use booth 100901 of the Festival Hall for exhibition. Additional information regarding Serious Labs is available on its website.

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