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Bigscreen Allows You to Watch Your Video Files on All Supported Platforms

Bigscreen launched a recent update that provides a video player to the social VR viewing platform which allows you to watch own video files. The feature is even available on the Oculus Quest.

The new video player by Bigscreen lets you view your files alone or with friends, i.e, if their local machines are storing the same files. In case your friends have stored the same files, Bigscreen will automatically sync everyone in the room so that they can watch the video together. The new update only offers a video player and not a file-sharing service, so how you acquire the files is up to you.

This new video player supports both 2D and 3D video files and supposedly supports most general file types. For now, the player does not support DLNA/Plex or 180/360 content, but the company is considering to include the same in their future updates. The video player is available now and it runs cross-platform on every supported headset, the likes of which include the HTC Vive, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest and every other headset that is SteamVR-compatible.

A robust screen sharing support already exists on the social VR platform. This is achieved by reflecting a host user’s desktop to anyone in the room. With the latest addition of direct streaming services involving both movies and television, Bigscreen is offering a massive piece of functionality to those using standalone headsets such as Go or Quest, along with those users who cannot access their premium streaming services like Hulu or Netflix.

This update not only offers a relatively basic feature but also sets up Bigscreen on a better place to both fill the gaps left by the platform holders through their native offerings and compete as more of a virtual desktop solution than it already is.

However, there is another thing to look into, even though it is yet to be discovered if the tension is real or mere speculation to date. The continuous deals which Bigscreen is making with streaming services and movie studios may someday place it in that position, somehow restricting its business screen sharing aspect on PCs because individual users will easily be able to stream more movies than they will license for their free and paid movie viewings. The new video player may turn out to be a way for Bigscreen PC VR users to bear the load of sharing files instead of only mirroring their monitor for others to freely view. But, that is only a little piece of speculation.

Whatever the case may be, the coming set of features they have on their list does sound thrilling – a rethought avatar system, fresh new environments, a Bigscreen Friends system, built-in TV and YouTube channels into rooms, as well as more partnerships with movie studios to host 3D movie screenings.

Bigscreen works on Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, Valve Index, HTC Vive, and all Windows VR headsets.

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