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Otherworld Encounter Brings Immersive Art Experience to Nashville

The museum will create a presentation experience to mesmerise the senses of art lovers. The Nashville Fairgrounds will play host to an immersive technology experience titled as “Otherworld Encounter” soon. It is set to feature a science-fiction related encounter that will captivate audiences and fans of advanced amusement technology.

The “Otherworld Encounter” is an innovative development conceptualised by Nashville’s OWN, an entertainment company and an artist commune. It blends various elements of amusement park features with interactive artforms and modern technology. The event, that will be held at the Nashville Fairgrounds’ Vaughan Building, that span across an expansive area of 21,000 sq feet. It will run from December 29 to January 13 of the next year.

“Otherworld Encounter.” Submitted by Nashville’s OWN

The experience will aim to create fun encounters which encourage visitors to interact with regards to visual arts. Nashville’s OWN is a body consisting of Sheila Whitlow and K.C., the CEOs of the group, and features 14 artists hailing from the city. Notable mentions among the team include artist director Jamie Whitlow, along with production management team members Joseph Newsome, AnnaLee Kelly, and Earl Kelly. Artists who are part of the production include professionals from different vocations including digital animation, photography, audio engineering, film, graphic design, sculpture, application development, AR and VR development.

“Otherworld Encounter.” Submitted by Nashville’s OWN

“Otherworld Encounter”, is the first project Nashville’s OWN, is a mixture consisting of multiple dimensions. It contains upwards of 20 interactive rooms, providing fantasy settings that feature picturesque and highly-detailed backgrounds, sensory offerings, specifically placed lighting and a lot more. Participants can go click happy with their smartphone while within the environment. The experience also helps participants go on a vivid adventure with an escape-room setting, that leads to a virtual reality space.

Sheila Whitlow stated that the experience was designed to create an innovative way of understanding art. She elaborated that rather than an art gallery setup, the immersive experience will help users get a better purchasing experience. She compared it to the domain of music, where users had the option of purchasing recordings or simply visiting a concert. Whitlow hailed the state-of-the-art technology behind the development.

“Otherworld Encounter” draws inspiration from the Meow Wolf amusement arts experience in Santa Fe, along with several similar visual arts experiences. Meow Wolf has gained success and is set to open in various locations like Las Vegas, Denver, and Washington D.C.

Visual experiences like the upcoming Nashville immersive technology feature and Meow Wolf are making unconventional visual arts offerings increasingly popular among art lovers. The rising demands of young art enthusiasts have given such innovations a solid footing. According to artist director Jamie Whitlow, the young generation of art fans are no longer content with just the static experiences of viewing art on the walls of museums.

Millennials are used to art being taken to newer visual planes with such concepts being popularised by Coachella and the Burning Man. It has led to many traditional museums getting into the immersive technology field.

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