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Coca-Cola Develops New AR Interactive Experience for Consumers

Augmented reality technology is reaching new heights with companies more interested in it than ever before. World-famous beverage producer, Coca-Cola is just the newest organisation to adopt augmented reality technology to build an immersive experience. In collaboration with Santa Monica-based VFX house Timber and Ogilvy Mexico, the special app will be able to create 3D elements when customers scan a coke can.

The new way of fuelling customer engagement

To engage consumers, coke has devised up to 12 interactive AR stories, each different from the others. Installing the app, and using its in-built camera feature to point at a coke can reveal these tales. Each story involves a conflict between characters. As it proceeds, these light-hearted exchanges lead to a point where these characters resolve their differences by sharing a coke.

For instance, one of the stories focuses on two children having their beach ball deflated by a beach umbrella. Another tale starts with a couple dropping their popcorn in fright at the movie theatre. Yet another narrative shows the quarrel between two rival soccer fans. As the fight intensifies, a digital ball appears from the real coke can you scanned. The two characters start a game and become friends once more. Each story brings the focus back on the coke can, portraying it as the solution to all your problems.

The development process

Timber took the lead in developing the unique augmented reality worlds to showcase the various narratives and characters. The VFX studio hopes that these animated short tales will strike a chord with both the young and old consumers of coca-cola. Kevin Lau and Jonah Hall, partners and creative directors at Timber claim that the project represents the perfect implementation for augmented reality.

They say that Coke has always been associated with harmony and happiness. Therefore, the concept for the stories grew out of these core principles of the beverage company. AR allows these tales to come to life, where the can of Coke acts as a prop. A case study of the app’s development reveals the intricate detailing that went into each aspect of this AR experience. From building characters to sketching to conceiving and creating props, a great deal of work went into making the application what it is today. After the completion of the physical development, creators had to conduct 3D development of each asset to finish the final AR videos.

Lau and Hall also expressed their excitement at having developed an app that would be used by Coca-Cola customers all over the world. The potential of the app to create immersive and fun experiences is what drew the duo to this project. Apart from exploring a new medium, Timber also used this opportunity to test their storytelling capabilities in emerging markets.

Coca-Cola’s venture into augmented reality reveals an interest in this technology, even amongst the bigger or global corporations. Only time will tell how the beverage company’s competitors will respond to the launch of this interactive and enticing app. If the programme succeeds, you may soon find other corporations adopting the same approach.

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