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Lafourche Library to Avail of Educational Resources in the Middle of the Pandemic

Lafourche Library to Avail of Educational Resources in the Middle of the Pandemic
Big news for the community members of Louisiana. The Lafourche library branches have reopened!
The library owner is allowing the entry of visitors, while strictly following the COVID-19 safety protocols. Besides, the staff is functioning diligently, trying to keep the branches safe, and making sure that social distancing is maintained correctly. Just like any other public place, 2020 has been a completely different story for the Lafourche Parish Public Library that once received a half-million visits from its community members. 2019 has been an outstanding year for the library that launched various books, magazines, research help, access to the Internet, and computer to help the needy. But, the very next year has been equally devastating with the outbreak of the deadly virus, causing some users to never return to the library.

Unlimited access to hotspots, iPads, and laptops from home

Most people have turned hesitant to make a public presence due to the pandemic outbreak. Providing internet access and public computers to those who cannot make it in the library is the core service offered by Lafourche library owners. Library cardholders have generous access to mobile hotspots, laptops, and iPads for the at-home data connection. Anyone who wants to pair their devices with the library hotspot can walk up to the nearest Lafourche library branch and ask a member to deliver an Internet connection. Check with the library staff to learn more about the availability of technology for domestic use.

Learn with educational tablets and eBooks and indulge yourself in the adventurous reality books, manga, graphic novels, and comics

The library is upgraded with immersive reality books to allow readers, specifically children, to explore a beautiful combination of virtual reality and augmented reality. Treat your child with these innovative combinations to transform their learning experience. Collect a VR headset along with the IR book apps for at-home use today at checkout.

Get access to the multipurpose launch pads pre-loaded with stories, games, and news to keep adults, children, and teens educated and entertained.

Reading wonderful stories can be an effective way to kill boredom. The librarians at the Lafourche library spend most of their time reading books and writing reviews for their users. You can ask for their recommendations and stuff your must-read list with storybooks.

Moreover, the library works in collaboration with cloud-Library, allowing the users to browse and borrow e-Books and e-Audio books. Cardholders can now stream TV shows and documentaries, enjoy classics and comics and download the latest playlist with Kanopy and Hoopla.

If you cannot attend the library in person to gain a library card, visit the official website of Lafourche library- You will find a green button that reads ‘Get a Library Card’ in the top-most right-hand corner.

Various programs at the library are provisionally on pause

All in-library programs have been canceled for now, as Louisiana is stepping back to phase 2 of coronavirus infection. However, the virtual programs are still on. Reach out to the library staff through the online programming series. Check out the latest art and crafts class, stories, learn new skills and courses by clicking at

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