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Design Your Room Using Augmented Reality with the New IKEA Studio App

IKEA, the leading furniture and home décor brand, is offering beta access to their new AR design app called IKEA Studio. The app allows its users to design and customize the whole room with furniture and decorative pieces from IKEA. However, the app so far is only supported in LiDAR-powered Apple smartphones.

Previously, the IKEA Place app that was launched in 2017 allowed users to place single pieces of furniture in real-world environments. The app, released along with Apples’ ARkit, was an innovative venture that received wide popularity among IKEA customers. However, the IKEA Studio app indicates further improvement in the space of augmented reality. While IKEA Place only allowed single-piece furniture placement, IKEA Studio lets users design entire rooms with multiple furniture and decorations.

Improved AR experience

The latest AR app was developed in SPACE10—IKEA’s own studio based in Copenhagen. The iOS-exclusive AR app reportedly works by capturing 3D images of the room plans as well as measurements using the LiDAR sensors included in the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max. To elaborate, the brand new technology creates a mesh scale that can identify objects and surfaces as well as the geometry of the real word environment. Together, the information helps to create a more realistic and improved AR experience.

The technology in IKEA Studio can identify doorways, windows, and any other existing furniture in the room when the app detects real-world objects. Once identified, it will automatically replace them with a white box on the screen so that the users can focus more on the redesigning process. With the help of the app, users can change the existing wall colors, arrange furniture, and redecorate the space with any IKEA products of their choice. Some of the items within the app also have interactive features. It also allows users to stack one item on top of another, such as placing a night lamp or vase on a table.

Greater level of details

Tommy Campbell, the Digital Design Lead of SPACE10, stated that the technology so far has been developed as a mobile application, but the studio is also trying to upgrade with devices like AR glasses and explore its possibilities. The developers are also using a renderer reality kit designed by Apple which allows them to achieve a greater level of details on the current models.

Experimenting with prospective WebAR solutions

In the future, SPACE10 is also open to experimenting with prospective WebAR solutions that will let users access their AR designs directly from IKEA’s official website without the help of any app. Campbell remarked that developers like Chrome, Mozilla, and Safari are already dabbling into WebAR experiences. He sounds optimistic as he indicates that these developments can be potential platforms for IKEA’s WebAR solutions. The intention behind this optimism is to create a platform for web experience to access IKEA Studio that could be accessed by everyone and not relying solely on iOS.

Campbell also informed that those interested in exploring the beta version of the Studio app can register for a trial. If selected, they will receive an email with further instructions to operate the app.


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