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Pico Announces the Launch of Neo 3 Headsets for Asian Consumer Markets, Promises to Release Enterprise Model Soon

Pico, the leading tech company innovating with digital experiences and communications, has finally announced the much-anticipated release of their third-generation 6-degrees-of-freedom VR headset Neo 3.

The company first hinted at the product during a funding announcement that was published in March 2021. However, it gave out no details on the headset. Finally, it has declared that the Neo 3 will be made available in the Asian consumer markets. However, the price point, shipping date, or any more tech specification is yet to be declared.

What Do We Know About Neo 3 So Far?

According to their latest announcement, Pico’s Neo 3 headset is going to include four wide-angle cameras along with enhanced gesture and environment tracking technology. The counterbalanced VR headsets are reportedly manufactured with advanced easy-to-clean materials. It retains the design of the overhead strap from its earlier models. However, the updated design involves three improved IPD adjustments as well as a curved display. The original Wi-Fi controllers have also been enhanced with advanced 32 optical tracking sensors. Everything in the headset now runs on Snapdragon XR2 Platform from Qualcomm.

Henry Zhou, Interactive CEO of Pico reported that the Neo 3 is built off of their previous Neo 2. From complex environmental positioning to brand-new optical controller-tracking, the latest technology of the Neo 3 is designed to provide its users with an incredibly immersive experience.

Pico’s Neo 2 headsets were released only a year ago. Considering the fast update, it is evident that Pico is following the trend of fast-paced innovation that is prevalent among other high-end virtual reality headset manufacturers such as HP and Varjo while constantly pushing the envelope with continuous updates and product releases.

What Does the Release Mean for Non-Asian Markets?

While the company has both consumer and enterprise footprints in almost all other topographical markets, it is focusing exclusively on enterprise while it comes to North America. More specifically, Pico has been expanding into the fields of remote education and training as well as telehealth. This is why the company emphasizes the exclusive launch in Asia.

While other VR manufacturers have discontinued their degrees-of-freedom product lines, Pico has grabbed the market with their Goblin series as well as the VR headsets that they develop in partnership with ThinkReality and Lenovo. They have also taken the lead of the market as the enterprise users are reportedly losing faith continuously in Facebook’s Oculus.

When is the Enterprise Model Coming to Other Markets?

According to their press release, Pico stated that more information about the enterprise version of the brand-new Neo 3, which is their primary product for all non-Asian markets, will soon be available. The headset, however, is going to be launched in North America around the late summer of 2021.

A new VR headset, irrespective of which region it is going to be released in, is always great news for tech geeks and enthusiasts. While North American users wait for the enterprise model, they can always check out the consumer model to steal a glimpse of what the enterprise model might bring along.

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