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LetinAR To Launch PinMR AR Optical System at CES 2020

LetinAR Inc, an optical technology developer for AR-based smart glasses made a recent announcement regarding the launch of its PinMR 2020 lens at the CES 2020, the annual technology event to be held between January 7 – 10 at Las Vegas. The soon-to-be-launched lens is expected to revolutionise AR optics.

LetinAR Inc develops systems for augmented reality-based smart glasses, had exhibited its PinMR (Pin Mirror) technology at the 2018 and 2019 CES and MWC events. LetinAR gained the exposure of companies worldwide as it was acknowledged as a developer that broke the barriers of current AR-based optical systems with its innovative technology. The PinMR 2020 lens, slated for a CES 2020 launch, takes away key technological hurdles and gives the system better capabilities.

The PinMR 2020 lens is capable of combating the vertical viewing angle problem, an issue which has been a stumbling block for AR-based optical technology. The viewing angle, which was limited to 23° has now expanded to 40°, raising performance significantly by 73 percent. Moreover, the eye-box feature has also been enhanced considerably, to make the glasses function like regular glasses.

CES 2020 lets visitors take part in an immersive, ultra-HD demonstration customised for the PinMR 2020 lens. LetinAR has plans of showcasing interactive content to facilitate first-hand experience of the new eye-box and enhanced viewing angles. Visitors at CES 2020 can also test goggles demonstrations and get an experience similar to wearing headgear similar to those used by F-35 pilots or Jarvis from Iron Man. The amalgamation of PinMR’s lens technology and the AI-based facial recognition is enabling the company to showcase the future uses of AR technology.

Image source: LetinAR

Another technology sharing the spotlight is an AI-based translation system using the glasses and True Wireless Headsets (TWS). This technology’s demonstration will consist of two individuals donning AR smart glasses and a set of wireless earphones. Each of them will talk in their own language, and their opposing members will receive audio and subtitles of what the other member is saying. This development can be a solution for removing language barriers faced by people on their business trips and travels.

LetinAR’s technological integrity was acknowledged last December when it was selected as a finalist in the International Society of Optics and Photonics (SPIE) Prism Awards. SPIE’s website stated that LetinAR was selected as a finalist in the Vision Technology category, as a recognition of its role in technology development on a global scale. The winner of this competition is set to be announced at Photonics West, the most expansive US optics event.

LetinAR, established in the year 2016, has been in focus at the MWC and CES events for its PinMR technology. In recent times, the company has been taking dynamic steps towards collaborations with various AR companies worldwide, including ones for developments of PinMR-embedded development kits that help customers utilise all AR devices. The PinMR lens, an instance of revolutionary AR optics technology was the company’s first foray into the augmented reality domain. It was fundamentally developed to surpass the limitations of current AR systems.

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