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Amazon Introduces First-Ever Hair Care Service That Lets You Sample Hair Colors Using Augmented Reality

Amazon announced the launch of Amazon Salon, the first in-person hair care and styling center that utilizes augmented reality and efficient point-and-learn technology and guarantees a next-generation beauty experience.

Amazon Salon opens its doors in London

Amazon Salon, the cutting-edge beauty and hair consultation provided by the leading tech giant has opened its doors to customers only recently. Situated in Brushfield Street, popularly known as the artistic neighborhood of London, the salon is a 1,500 square foot facility that offers hair consultation, care, and styling services. Elena Lavagni, the famous beauty consultant heads the consultation program. Lavagni also owns her own specialty hair and beauty salon in London called Neville Hair and Beauty.

At Amazon Salon, customers can enjoy a wide range of beauty and hair services powered by innovative technologies from Amazon. The highlight of them all is their latest AR hair consultation. To explain the service, spokespersons from Amazon stated that the augmented reality-based technology helps customers try on different hair colors and shades in real-time with the help of an AR display before they decide on their final look. According to the establishment, currently, the salon is using iPads to run its creative arena.

Even more AR showrooms

The technology used in Amazon Salon, however, is not first-of-a-kind. Several companies and brands have already dabbled in augmented reality to allow users to try their products in real-time before purchasing them. For example, YouTube has already launched its exclusive AR Beauty Try-On sometime ago. This feature allows customers to sample makeup brands while they enjoy beauty vlogs on the platform. This is arguably the pioneer project that opened the doors for AR-based collaborations between creators and companies that made it easy for the users to try before buying. However, Amazon Salon takes the technology a step ahead by directly integrating AR functionality in their in-store experience.

Amazon want to take customer service a step ahead

John Boumphrey, UK Country Manager of Amazon said in the press release that the company has designed Amazon Salon for its customers to visit and experience some of the most innovative technology being used for hair consultations, along with its premium hair care products and consultations from the best stylists of the industry. He also added that with this unique salon, Amazon wants to come one step closer to its customers. He hopes that this salon will become a venue where the tech giant can collaborate more with the industry and explore new technologies.

In addition to the unique AR hair consultation, customers can also enjoy a wide range of entertainment via a Fire tablet as they wait for their turn as well as browse through a collection of premium hair care products that can be instantly purchased by scanning the QR code placed below each item. The AR service also features a point-and-learn technology. Through this feature, customers can point to a particular product and access information, videos, and other relevant content for each one of them.

Currently, Amazon Salon is open exclusively for Amazon employees. However, it is expected to welcome the general public with bookings in the coming weeks.

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