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Samsung Joins the AR Race, Introduces New AR-Powered Playgrounds

Samsung launches its brand-new AR playground called Dreamground. Visitors can also collaborate in real-time and use the AR elements to contribute to the existing structures.

When it comes to innovative technology, Samsung is arguably one of the first names that come into mind. The leading electronic brand has brought us not only incredible gadgets over the years. It is also one of the forerunners to introduce path-breaking innovations. Keeping up with the reputation, the company has introduced yet another wonder—Dreamground, a next-generation playground crafted with AR technology.

Dreamground offers a unique immersive experience to visitors by combining physical space and AR elements. In this one-of-a-kind digital world, visitors can use their Samsung smartphones to explore digital artworks enhanced by AR visuals, walk into extended reality through floating portals, and enjoy a variety of animations available on their smartphone screens.

In the official press release published a few days back, the company stated that the experiences are carefully tailored to give the audience meaningful entertainment. Samsung, as a company that strives to bring the magic of human connection to life, uses its depth and breadth of connected services and products to create these experiences, the press release stated.

What makes Dreamground more exciting is its engaging power. Beyond exploring and enjoying the AR artworks, this immersive experience also allows visitors to contribute to the existing structures using the AR utilities available within the experience. In other words, they can create their own digital artworks by painting them mid-air. These artworks will remain visible in Dreamground for 24 hours before disappearing so that other visitors can appreciate them and be inspired by them. You can also collaborate with other visitors and create artworks in real-time. Visitors can also take photos with these artworks and share them online. The digital playground even offers some cool AR face filters that you can dabble with.

Each playground within this immersive world features some digital portals. These portals will lead you to additional worlds like Fluttering Forest, Balloonland, and Crystal Galaxy. In these additional worlds, you will get to enjoy more augmented reality wonders and marvel at the thematic digital artworks. However, these experience feature portals are restricted to the Samsung Galaxy 5G users with Verizon connection, for the experience requires 360-streamed videos, 4K resolution, and ultra-high fidelity augmented reality support. Samsung Galaxy 5G provides all these features and much more, so you can enjoy the best of Dreamground. The device’s ability to interact and explore in high resolution in real-time also displays the power of high bandwidth as well as low latency of 5G.

The good news, however, is that the unique AR experience is not restricted to Samsung users alone. Dreamgrounds is available on both iOS and Android devices. It is just the additional world portals that are limited to Galaxy 5G users.

Dreamgrounds is now live at a few select locations. The list includes Hollywood Park in Los Angeles and Samsung 837—Samsung’s flagship store in New York City. Visitors can also explore the unique AR experience at SoFi Stadium, on the world’s largest in-sports LED videoboard.

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