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WayRay Takes the Metaverse on Wheels with the New AR-Powered Ride-Share Cars

WayRay introduces Hologractor, a holographic all-electronic ride-hailing car powered by various AR components.

WayRay is a Swiss tech company that specialises in holographic AR. As their latest offering, the company unveiled Hologractor, an all-electronic AR-powered ride-hailing service this week. This unique AR experience is said to offer passengers the next-generation ride-sharing services and transform the standard commuting experience.

WayRay states that the Hologractor is essentially a concept EV vehicle. Built with the idea of ride-sharing, the car is designed with a unique three-person layout. With the pilot and co-pilot’s seat in front, the passenger’s seat is positioned right behind them which looks more like a throne. This might sound odd, but data collected from leading cab-hailing services reveal that 80% of the rides roughly include a single passenger.

According to WayRay’s vision of Hologractor, it is designed to highlight how far holographic technology has come so far. It is also meant to reveal future possibilities of breakthrough augmented reality, and it could rightfully claim to do so. Hologractor features a host of AR components. For example, the vehicle can be driven both manually and remotely. The latter has to be done from an AR pod and would require a 5G internet connection. While piloted from a remote location, the controls and the steering wheel retract into the car’s dashboard to make more room for the passengers.

Vitaly Ponomarev, Founder of WayRay reported that the idea behind this unique AR-powered car is to offer more options to the passengers. You can either book Uber SUV, Uber Black, or Uber Hologractor. And if you choose Hologractor, you will ride at a subsidised rate thanks to sponsored content. In short, you will ride better at a lesser price. Ponomarev also stated that the car is designed specifically for people who want to create, play, or consume content on the go.

There are more unique features in the Hologractor, and every design and feature on Hologractor is driven by augmented reality, Ponomarev added. For example, its roof. The company refers to the car’s roof as “The Shrimp”. It consists of WayRay’s proprietary holographic system that can project animated color graphics on the windshield. Passengers can interact with a large variety of AR experiences with two joysticks mounted on the seats. The experiences include a wide variety, from traffic and GPS directions to multiplayer video games. The passenger in the backseat will have to look out of the windshield to see the content. This is the reason the backseat and the front seats are spaced out so much.

The concept EV looks stunningly futuristic from the inside. Furthermore, its modern, angular look fits perfectly with its dazzling silver colour, sleek headlights, and unique suicide doors. It is also unbelievably fast for an EV, with the power to go 0-62 in just 3.9 seconds.

Ponomarev said that the car is still a concept vehicle. But it is being considered for production feasibility. You will require a standard driver’s license to drive the Hologractor.

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