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VR City Building Games are All the Rage Right Now

Freedom of imagination and creativity are the driving force behind VR city-building games such as Cities: VR and other VR games like it.

Since the introduction of VR technology, the gaming industry has undergone a paradigm shift. Moving from the usual video game or arcade games, now we can play our favourite titles as if living inside them. We all have our personal favourites. For some, it is a quest to defeat their arch-nemesis, while others love to explore fantasy worlds in search of lost treasures, while some others love to take a trip and collect exotic creatures and expand their collection. However, a whole new genre has come up on the list as one of the most popular VR games—VR city-building.

The USP of these games is the power of imagination and the liberty to express your creative self. Using VR components integrated into these games, you can make your dream city complete with stunning architecture, cutting-edge technology, and all the latest amenities. And there’s more to the story. As the creator, you will be in charge of running the city as well.

In the last couple of years, several VR city-building titles have been released. And following their popularity, the list keeps growing with each passing day. The latest addition to this vast repertoire is Cities: VR. It was released during the UploadVR Showcase 2021, among other titles.

Fast Travel Games, the Swedish VR Company responsible for Cities: VR is already a renowned brand for giving us incredible immersive experiences. The latest game is also a spin-off of their previous successful city-building game Cities: Skylines.

Taking inspirations from the earlier chapter, the latest Cities: VR makes you the mayor of a bustling city. To carry out your responsibilities, you will need to design the neighbourhoods, establish utility lines, construct buildings, and even direct the flow of traffic on the city streets. You will also have to manage the city’s financial plans, carry out emergency services, provide entertainment, and make arrangements for all other necessary amenities. In short, you are in charge of everything in your city. It is your job to help the city flourish into a popular tourist destination or even a coveted place to call home. And the best part is that you will be given an absolutely free hand over every decision to make the vision come true.

You can enjoy Cities: VR both standing or sitting. The city layout can be viewed from above as well as a street-level view. Building the city is also a fairly straightforward task. All you need to do is pull the designs up from the menu using your touch controllers and drag-&-drop them on your chosen location. The more intricate your design becomes, the more serious decisions you need to make.

Apart from Cities: VR, we also witnessed the release of several more VR city-building games, including Spacefolk City, Tiny Town VR, Little Cities, Townsman VR, and Super Island God VR in recent times. Each of these titles has gained unprecedented popularity.

Cities: VR will launch in early 2022 for Oculus Quest 2.


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