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DPVR Has Recently Announced a New 4G/5G Module for VR Headsets

Shanghai-based virtual reality (VR) solutions company DPVR, which specialises in the design and production of VR devices, has made a recent announcement regarding its 4G/5G module. Named the DPVR 4G/5G module, it can be utilised with the all-inclusive VR headsets made by the company. According to a statement by DPVR, the cutting-edge module has been designed to accommodate the needs of the enterprise market on a global level. It can make an impact in a variety of sectors such as healthcare, education, conferences, training, and exhibitions. Employing virtual reality headsets in these verticals can be helpful with the goal of facilitating mobile and remote use.

Based on the information provided by DPVR, the state-of-the-art external module can easily be customised to work with the versatile virtual reality headsets manufactured by the company. The module also has support for a wide range of frequencies i.e. 2G, 3G/4G/5G across different parts of the globe. It is easy to use and features convenient plug-and-play functionality. All users need to do is to use a local SIM card to gain fast access to virtual reality environments.

According to the company, the latest 4G/5G modules are suitable for various outdoor use cases. DPVR gave one example, that of the Beekeeper programme from XR Global, a VR company based in South Africa.

Bryan Crosswhite, CEO, XR Global, spoke about the new 4G/5G modules being offered by DVPR. He said that currently a lot of regions in Africa do not have easy access to reliable Wi-Fi connections. Emphasising the impact of the 4G/5G module, he said that its technology can help to mitigate many of the risks associated with beekeper training programmes. This is because, it can relay information that is useful on the ground, and beekeeper trainees can use the same without having to rely on Wi-Fi connectivity. Used along with the company’s VR headset, the technology has already received positive feedback from users in the field.

After the pandemic, numerous companies are making efforts to switch to mobile offices where they can function efficiently and safely. Whilst a lot of workers rely on their local Internet service providers, the new 4G/5G module hooked up to a VR headset helps them broaden their horizons and explore various possibilities.

Virtual meetings are quite popular now and so are virtual offices, with many virtual reality software companies such as Engage, Horison Workrooms, and vSpatial releasing new offerings to the enterprise market. As a result, there has been a rise in work efficiencies, along with communication and collaboration abilities improving dynamically across the board. The usual challenges associated with workers not being in the same space physically are being addressed effortlessly with advanced VR and connectivity solutions.

DPVR is changing the game by removing the need for workers to have Wi-Fi connectivity in order to gain access to seamless VR communication. The results are bound to be evident as collaboration becomes even easier irrespective of location.

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