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ManCity Partnered with TECNO to Launch the First-ever AR Football Experience for Fans

TECNO, Global Official Handset Partner of the Manchester City Football Club, has recently launched the very first, one-of-a-kind mobile platform augmented reality (AR) experience for football fans. It was developed and launched as part of the #AnnounceYoutself campaign, which was running since the start of the year. This offering let fans get unforgettable and engaging experiences.

The smartphone company’s augmented reality-based campaign was a revolutionary feature that let football fans to establish interactions with MCFC in innovative ways. As part of the experience, Manchester City fans could take a tour of the famed City Football Academy where the players train. They also got a sneak peek into the new contract signing process and even went through the process of choosing a shirt number, all in augmented reality. The AR experience also lets the lucky fans interact with the club’s first-team players and get an exclusive and highly engaging experience that they can cherish for life.

One of the most interesting features of the AR experience was the TECNO Mobile 3D shootout game where they could take penalties and even share the scores on their own social channels. Following the AR experience, the fans got to be participants in a lucky draw event, where several of them won much sought-after VIP tickets for an MCFC home match in the current season.

The experience was delivered through a state-of-the-art AR platform that had many innovative immersive features. To be a part of the experience, the fans had to just scan a QR code with their smart devices using their native camera apps. They would get entry into the virtual domain regardless of their location.

The AR experience was quite vivid and had a lot to offer to the fans of the football club. Some of the aspects featured in it included custom animations, mini-games, 3D models, and intuitive stats that catapulted the experience of users to a new level.

It was a completely interactive offering for users and became more so as the campaign proceeded. Users got treated with a selection of exclusive content upgrades in the virtual space. The novelty did not wear off as they could gain access to new features every time they came back to it. These included exclusive video content and phone backgrounds with some of their favourite Manchester City players.

The AR offering for this campaign was truly one of a kind in the world and considered by many as the first-ever football league-based campaign ever. Overall, it was considered to be a success upon its completion. This is because thousands of Manchester City fans from all parts of the world took out their devices to be a part of the experience during the first two months of 2022.

TECNO has established itself as a prominent player in the communication technology space, and also strived to deliver experiences that can pique the interest of customers everywhere. The #AnnounceYourself campaign was an example of its ongoing endeavours in the immersive technology space.

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