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Future libraries reinvented via VR exhibition

The Goethe-Institut Bangladesh’s DrikPath Bhobon premises in the country’s capital Dhaka are hosting an immersive VR installation called The Infinite Library.

It offers a reimagining of libraries in the future as communal spaces that indulge visitors through visual and aural modes of storytelling and opened up recently. The VR display in Dhaka was collaboratively organised by The Tech Academy and Goethe-Institut Bangladesh.

A mobile exhibit called The Infinite Library was created by the Goethe-Institut at India’s Max Mueller Bhavan in New Delhi. The Infinite Library, the vision of audiovisual creator Mika Johnson, residing in Prague, invites viewers to a platform where they may get a sense of the initiative.

A QR code game, 3D-printed items, holograms and audio-visual items are all a part of the initiative. A sizable VR library housed in a cave serves as the project’s focal point.

Glass containers with QR code labels have been used to store various facsimile antiquities. On their phone displays, visitors may scan the codes to learn more about the items.

The event’s major draw is a sandbox where attendees may engage in an immersive VR experience whilst learning about many topics related to the universe’s creation and the evolution of humans.

The audience may get knowledge about many ethnic backgrounds and more throughout time through an immersive experience in the VR initiative, which is located inside a virtual setting resembling a cave. The proposal transforms the idea of a library into a network where information is transferred through virtual reality (VR) rooms.

In her opening remarks, Kirsten Hackenbroch, head of the Goethe-Institut Bangladesh, stated that The Infinite Library expands the general conceptions of what can be called a “library” by using immersive VR to delve into the history, present, and future of information. With their gamified educational approach and a group of tech-savvy and imaginative volunteers, The Tech Academy is an excellent partner to bring this internationally travelling initiative to Bangladesh.

The event was launched by independent media and communications specialist Dina Hossain. According to her, the virtual library display demonstrates the potential of novel approaches to information exploration, experiential learning, and gaming. Young technology enthusiasts were successfully involved in the Tech Academy, and innovations can develop when kids learn by addressing problems and aren’t afraid of failing.

Mika Johnson, the project’s creative director, said The Infinite Library is an illustration of how people may utilise cutting-edge innovation, like virtual reality, to communicate tales in ways that take people to other locations or eras through simulations that let them feel and engage with diverse information structures.

He also said that Since human beings have developed as a species and have left thoughts like illustrations on cave walls, the atmosphere of a cave was chosen. There are now many different types of libraries, some of which specifically hold tools or works of art. Instead of storing books, he wanted to experiment with the notion of a library and build one that houses information. By doing so, all involved can better understand how libraries could feel in the future.

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