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New Partnership Announced for Open-Source VR Headgear

Somnium Space, the company behind a VR world offering of the same name that can be accessed on all platforms, has collaborated with the provider of cutting-edge mixed reality and virtual reality pilot training systems, and 3D printer company Prusa Research, to advance the development of a highly advanced open-source VR headset.

The firms claim that the new VR gear seeks to alter what they see as the current constraining dynamics in the virtual reality sector. The “Somnium VR ONE” headset will be created on a system that is as transparent as feasible so as to deliver the most immersive experience possible whilst operating without any limitations in both independent and tethered configurations.

Since Android is an open-source OS, the product’s source code will be freely accessible and sold under an unrestricted commercial licence. The businesses are confident that their VR product will offer the ideal remedy for the financial industry as outcome.

Founder and CEO of Somnium Space, Artur Sychov, spoke about the partnership venture, shedding some light on the details and the vision behind it. According to him, every customer will be able to completely own the equipment they acquire and make any necessary modifications they want. They can also go ahead with repairs and upgrades. He believes that all VR fans across the world should have access to an open equipment/software ecosystem. The headset components will be made freely available as 3D models so that anybody with access to a 3D printer may create things directly. The source code for Android OS will be available in a public GIT; thereby effectively ensuring that metaverses that have a lot of future investment potential, can be kept free.

Josef Prusa, CEO of Prusa Research, also remarked on the gadget’s open aspect, similar to Prusa printers, the company would be optimistic about seeing additional goods, including VR headsets, and following an identical open-source and community-centric approach. From, anybody may download a 3D model of the Somnium Space headgear and print it themselves using their 3D printers at home.

The Electronics and unique lenses will be mass produced in collaboration with Vrgineers to save costs, and Somnium Space will put them up for sale online. This means that anyone with the desire to construct their own Virtual reality headset would be capable of purchasing the necessary parts and completing the process by themselves. Customers will also still have the option of buying a Somnium Space headset directly if they wish to.

CEO of Vrgineers, Marek Polčák, added that This initiative is supported by direct investments made into Vrgineers by Somnium Space and Prusa Research. He emphasised that the venture is built on a strong base of technological experience in producing commercial-grade MR and VR headsets.

Currently, there are some additional details about Somnium Space’s open, social, and persistent virtual reality platform available to the public. More information about the XTAL VR and MR headsets is also available on the Vrgineers website.

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