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Wisdom—Red Light Holland’s Psychedelic VR Experience is Now Available on Steam, the Largest Online Distribution Platform for PC Gaming

Wisdom—Red Light Holland’s Psychedelic VR Experience is Now Available on Steam, the Largest Online Distribution Platform for PC Gaming
Red Light Holland Corp, an Ontario-based company responsible for the production, development, and sale of a magic truffle brand to the recreational market within the territory of the Netherlands, has announced the launch of their psychedelic VR experience called Wisdom on Steam. Steam is a notable online VR distribution platform for PC gaming that has a VR install base of approximately 3.45 million people all over the world.

Wisdome: The New VR Experience

The VR experience, which is narrated by the famous Canadian star Russell Peters, will be explaining the effects of psychedelics within the framework of predictive coding neuroscience. Moreover, Wisdom is designed to give the viewers an immersive experience using stunning visuals along with a bountiful amount of information and education aimed to promote the responsible use of psychedelics. It is projected to be made available on Steam from March 17th, 2021 for USD 4.99.

Todd Shapiro, CEO, and Director of Red Light Holland Corp. said that the new VR experience, Wisdom is a new addition to their Digital Care Program that combines human innovation and cutting-edge technology to promote information, education, and responsible use of the iMicrodose packs. Additionally, it provides an immediate and innovative revenue stream for the company. He stated that the company strives to create smart ways to promote a global psychedelics brand by offering unique products. He described the company as trailblazers in the field.

Director and CEO, Todd Shapiro (Right)
Director and CEO, Todd Shapiro (Right)


Although Wisdom was originally designed for Smartshop patrons based in the Netherlands, the acceptance of the VR experience on Steam will now allow the creators to cater to a global market. Shapiro was visibly thrilled to share the news, as he also appealed to the clients to try the cameo from Karim Rashid’s Wisdom Truffle.

Russell Peters, the celebrity comedian who is also the narrator of Wisdom, praised the product by stating that he had learned a lot during his venture. He also remarked that if schools had VR classes in his time, students might have learned better the effects of psilocybin and the social stigmas attached to it.

The Creators Of Wisdom

Sarah Hashkes, a published researcher on psychedelics and also the CEO of radix Motion, the creators of Wisdom, said that Wisdom is going to take an instrumental role in imparting education on psychedelics. As the substance has become more accessible, she opines, it has become equally important that people have direct access to current scientific models and information on how these substances influence the human brain. She also said that with Wisdom, their primary focus was on interaction, since people learn better through playful methods.

To actualize the launch, Red Light Holland is reportedly collaborating with notable VR influencers such as Don Hoppers and Victoria Del Castillo. Both of them expressed their excitement and optimism while talking about the launch. Castillo is reportedly going to host a launch event interviewing the creators, and both of them will promote the product on their respective social media platforms where they have more than 7 thousand followers.

Apart from Steam, Wisdom will also be made available for the iMicroscope members in the Netherlands for free.

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