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VRChat Releases New Premium Subscriptions

Social VR platform VRChat now offering premium subscriptions

Paid subscriptions are the first step in the new Creator Economy being introduced by social virtual reality (VR) platform VRChat.

According to a press statement from the firm on Tuesday, December 5, this new feature enables users to financially support their favourite producers, allowing VRChat’s network of more than half a million creatives to monetise their efforts.

Based on the announcement, VRChat’s Creator Economy is just getting started with the launch of Paid Subscriptions. With the introduction of new tools in the near future, the platform will enable artists to be paid for a range of creative endeavours, including creating worlds, creating avatars, organising events, and streaming media.

In the announcement, VRChat CEO and co-founder Graham Gaylor remarked that the company intends to launch Creator Economy applications. They want to see a reality where all VRChat creators can witness better growth, regardless of the content they create.

According to the news release, VRChat has teamed up with Tilia, a comprehensive payment system intended to promote digital societies, to encourage the Creator Economy. Customers of VRChat may be assured of a seamless and flexible network thanks to Tilia’s proficiency with transactions and safety. The goal of this partnership is to make it easy for artists to be paid for their labour.

Tilia’s features have been created over many years, starting from inception to run the online audiovisual game environment Second Life and its creator-based ecosystem. In order to facilitate payments, it has obtained U.S. money carrier licences, enabling safe transfers on a big scale.

According to Tilia CEO Brad Oberwager’s statement, Tilia was built to provide support for the unique and complex requirements of creator-based economies.

Based on the announcement, Paid Subscriptions enable artists to create unique interactions for their fans by combining with VRChat’s own scripting language, Udon.

The functionality easily connects with VRChat’s current infrastructure, thereby rendering it simple for groups that already operate to monetarily support the material they produce with little difficulty.

Additionally, the statement states that additional discovery capabilities will be added to VRChat’s future Android and Pico 4 launch, increasing the chances for artists to reach more consumers and win new fans.

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