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Vr Haptic Smart Suit Combines AI and Biometrics for Real-world Environment Simulations

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019), held at Las Vegas, featured many innovations in the immersive technology sphere. One of the standout developments showcased during the event was the Teslasuit. It is a full-bodied virtual reality (VR) haptic suit, which delivers realistic sensations to its users. The suit effectively mimics various in-game environments and those of digital simulations. Equipped with a cutting edge haptic feedback system, the suit utilises stimuli to create realistic touch sensations, including pushes, punches, and shocks.

Teslasuit utilises environmental feedback information along with elements like motion capture, climate control, and biometrics, for generating complete immersive experiences for its users. With life-like virtual reality-based graphics, the device will create idealistic VR encounters, which has been a dream since the heydays of the technology.


The nature of sensations provided by the Teslasuit point towards a newer domain of experiences for the users of VR. Yet, the innovation provided by the product goes beyond its haptic capabilities. The suit is equipped with specially-designed biometrics features, which are useful for measuring several parameters including a wearer’s heart rate, emotional and mental condition, and stress levels. Such data will be used to create custom experiences for each user.

Game developers can use the technology to make further innovative breakthroughs. Biometric data can be utilised for enhancing capabilities. During a Digital Trends interview, Dimitri Mikhalchuk, Teslasuit co-founder stated:

The suit’s technology is set to cause positive ripples within the gaming industry. The the future holds sharing of even greater amounts of data sensing information to developers, for creating player-adjustable AI.

The suit was unveiled officially during the 2018 edition of CES.

The Teslasuit utilises a total of 68 embedded channels placed throughout its fabric to provide electric stimulations to the body of a user. Tesla is working on raising the number of channels sometime in the near future. A convenient haptic library feature included within the suit with help developers create original effects based on their VR needs. Temperature is controlled by the integrated climate control system of the suit. It also comes with cutting-edge motion capture and motion tracking features for seamless full-body VR world interactions. It is a development that points back to the core concepts of virtual reality.


The Teslasuit, in principle, can be considered as a full-body shock generator unit, and hence has adequate security features installed at its core. With AES 256 encrypted military-standard protection facilitated through its control system, Tesla has made sure that users do not suffer any inconvenience. The Teslasuit is a fully wireless product and can easily be machine washed. It carries a robust battery life of more than 10 hours.

Based on the official summary on the Teslasuit website, the suit uses sophisticated computer modelling to help users step into virtual worlds. The suit will allow users to actively partake in visually stunning immersive experiences with movement-tracking sensory devices. All the user’s sensations are tracked and used by the suit.










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