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VR Fitness App Supernatural Just Got Better with the Latest Update

Since the last couple of years, VR fitness apps have gained immense popularity among fitness freaks all over the world. Keeping up with the trend, many VR creators have launched various VR technologies and functionalities in their fitness apps. Given the fact that everyone’s fitness journey is rather unique, these apps try to address the diverse needs and preferences of the users an   d be a part of their journeys more organically.

Among all the leading VR fitness platforms, Supernatural has been a massively popular VR fitness app. Recently, the creators have declared that the platform will receive major updates that would improve the overall experience even further. The process will include the incorporation of brand-new features and added functionalities that would help users create a better workout plan. Following the update, the fitness app would also become more personalized and would address the diverse needs of its users. As per the declaration, the update will include trending workouts, marathon workouts, dance parties, as well as new filters that would allow users to browse the massive library of Supernatural with more than 500 workouts.

Highlight of the new update

The highlight of the new update, however, is the new filters. This impressive facelift will make searching workouts significantly easier, especially the ones that target specific muscle groups. For example, there are different filters to look for a customized straight-up cardio regimen to burn the extra calories and to train for a marathon. You can even search for your favorite trainer or favorite song genre to design the perfect workout routine for yourself. These filters make searching easier and your workout sessions more intuitive. While using the app, you can also discover new routines using Quest Headsets.

Varied needs and preferences

Leanne Pedanta, Head of Fitness at Supernatural stated in the official release that the update is aimed to address the varied needs and preferences of the users. One might vibe to a specific genre of music, one might be looking for a particular instructor, or simply looking for a perfect workout routine that matches their fitness goals. To this end, Supernatural 3.0 is crafted to accompany the users in their fitness journey no matter how different their needs are.

Staying consistent

Pedanta also remarked that the update will help users staying consistent with their fitness regimen and will make the practice session more fun, gratifying, and joyful. It comes with Supernatural 3.0’s ginormous list of adrenaline-pumping workout routines designed by leading fitness experts, a library full of instantly recognizable music, immersive stretch and meditation sessions, as well as stunning in-game environments set across the globe.

Global VR experience

The motivation for this upgrade, according to Pedanta, was the vision to make Supernatural a global VR gym experience. To connect its users and making the experience more inclusive, Supernatural 3.0 introduced a global leaderboard to emphasize that no one is alone in their fitness journey. It is more like a gym filled with fellow fitness freaks but within a virtual world. The users can also check out the latest trends and share their favorite workout playlist with others, just like in any real-world gym.

Membership for Supernatural 3.0 starts a $15 per month and comes with a chock-full of perks. There is also a 30-day trial period.


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