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VR Fashion Shows To be Offered by Verizon Media

RYOT, a production house under the Verizon banner, has developed a new exhibition that reinvents fashion shows within a VR environment. Verizon Media exhibits virtual reality fashion shows that delve deep into designer collection narratives and stories.

The new exhibit called “The fabric of reality”, curated by the Fashion Innovation Agency is set to showcase the fashion portfolio of three designers. Audiences can become a part of the experience by wearing a VR headset and perform real-time interactions.

The virtual reality experience takes viewers on an exploration tour to discover the stories and narratives of different collections. It is set to feature an exhibition space where garments by the designers will be shown, along with three portals. Each of these portals gives audiences an insight into the stories of different projects. These portals showcase the emotions that went into the creation of each garment.

The project involved designers teaming up with digital artists to decorate the room in ways that suit both the collection and the audience. Viewers who become a part of the exhibition by donning their VR headsets will see themselves as avatars. They will be able to fly about in the space in their avatar form.

The exhibit is set to launch on July 29 and carry on for a year on Museum of Other Realities VR. It can be a suitable option for fashion fans and enthusiasts who cannot attend live fashion shows. This development is a welcome move given the current circumstances caused by the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

The virtual reality exhibit will feature a live event that can also be viewed by audiences after it is over. The event will have the featured designers of the brand within the experience. It is set to stream on July 29 at 6:30 PM on platforms like HuffPost UK and Yahoo Style. Viewers can experience the event in a 2D format.

Mark Melling, EMEA head at RYOT, spoke about the virtual reality-based experience. According to him, immersive and interactive experiences signify the way forward for live events. He stated that this applies to both pure-play digital events or enhanced analogue experiences. Elaborating further, he remarked that content creators and designers are keen on telling stories through their creations. Melling emphasised that the virtual platform being offered through the Museum of Other Realities platform is helping the designers and creators the chance to showcase their creations. It helps these individuals to reveal the stories behind each of their designs.

Melling conveyed that it is high time for highlighting the pathways for showcasing innovation and creativity with VR events. He also spoke about 5G’s impact on the growth of mixed reality. According to Melling, 5G facilitates fast and real-time interactions and accommodates more compact devices like VR and AR glasses. He believes that the technology can help mixed reality experiences gain more prevalence.

The exhibition was created in association with the Museum of Other Realities, Kaleidoscope, and the London College of Fashion’s Fashion Innovation Agency. It is being presented by RYOT as a component of Verizon’s XR initiative.

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