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VR Education at Warren Middle School

Warren Middle School uses VR to improve education

Eighth-grade students at Warren Middle School (WMS) embarked on an exceptional educational trip using the Oculus Quest programme and Anne Frank House Virtual Reality (VR).

The Oculus Quest 2 headset enabled each student in the grade to virtually visit the rooms where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis for more than two years, thanks to the efforts of WMS Language Arts faculty members Heather Saum, Jill Long, and Gina Banks, as well as Cynthia Cassidy (an Instructional Specialist). The project was a prelude to the students reading an Anne Frank graphic novel.

Anne Frank, 13, and her family went into hiding in 1942 to avoid the Nazis. The virtual reality application accurately recreates the Secret Annex, the small apartments of an abandoned office building in Amsterdam, where the Franks and four other individuals lived for more than two years. The event offers insight on the hardships, fears, and courage of individuals forced to live under the threat of Nazi persecution.

With Anne Frank House VR, students get an unparalleled opportunity to explore the Annex’s restored rooms and journey back in time. The eighth-grade students used virtual reality technology to completely immerse themselves in Anne’s emotions, ideas, and daily activities.

Anderson Diaz said that he could better appreciate Anne Frank’s plight since he could see what was happening. He said that being aware of his surroundings and experiencing what they did helped him learn.

According to Ethan Hammond, the virtual reality interaction helped him understand Anne’s hardships. He noted that stepping into her shoes helped him comprehend how terrible it was to be in her circumstances.

According to Haylie Tremper, the lesson made it easier to understand what was going on with Anne Frank when she was hiding. She said that the attic was the only spot from which Frank and her pals could see outdoors.

Virtual reality (VR) technology in education has expanded students’ ability to engage with historical narratives. WMS educators strive to create empathy and knowledge in their students by using immersive experiences like the VR tour of the Anne Frank House. With a better grasp of this significant historical chapter, these eighth-grade students are prepared to tackle the graphic novel when they begin their next language arts topic.

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