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VR Coworking Goes to the Moon with Headoffice.Space

Headoffice.Space revolutionises remote coworking with its new virtual workspace. The ambitious project allows startups and large enterprises to host various virtual events, gamify the workplace environment, and do lots more by owning a place in the “Moon Valley”.

Virtual workspaces
With the advent of VR technology, the way we see the world, learn, play, or work together has dramatically changed over the last couple of years. With virtual workspaces being introduced, remote coworking has brought people together no matter where they are located. Using this cutting-edge technology, people can now gather, exchange ideas, and cooperate within a virtual space and do things together that were well beyond our imagination just a while ago. This also implies that we are soon going to witness an unforeseen transformation in terms of the nature of work in the near future.

Moon Valley
Keeping up with the dramatic transformation in the space of VR workplace, Headoffice.Space has launched its brand-new space dedicated to the virtual connection. The Moon Valley, as they call it, is the first-ever metaverse in the world designed on the moon. It is built in line with the ever-evolving ways contemporary enterprises work, get together, and explore from remote locations.

Pushing boundaries
Headoffice.Space is built using Unreal Engine, the most advanced and powerful real-time 3D creation tool developed by Epic Games. This is the same technology that powers Fortnite and several other VR platforms. However, taking a step ahead of existing virtual workspaces, Headoffice.Space is ostensibly pushing boundaries to offer remote teams virtual coworking space. It provides the space for virtual headquarters, virtual events, summits, learning centers, even community clubhouses, and gamified gatherings for employees to communicate as well as collaborate.

Building stronger networks
Marco Carvalho, CEO of Headoffice.Space, stated that remote collaboration has been a common feature in games such as Second Life and The Sims for some time now. Over time, it became apparent that people communicate better within such environments for a longer period without experiencing fatigue. Such platforms can help to build stronger networks compared to regular video conferencing platforms. With this observation, Headoffice.Space decided to “workify” the platforms to develop secure, persistent, and effective virtual workspaces integrated with communication and business tools to create optimal headquarters.

Unique environments
This ambitious VR coworking platform is designed primarily for organisations working with remote teams such as startups, educational institutes, and innovative global enterprises. However, instead of making it a regular workspace, Headoffice.Space stirs things up a little. It offers companies private spaces on the Moon Valley. It also features Squadpods or private, customisable office spaces for teams, Studio Rooms, Immersion Rooms for immersive learning and training, Main Stage for hosting virtual events, as well as a Wellness Centre.

Stay tuned
In addition to these features, Headoffice.Space is planning to introduce sports arenas, trade show centres, Metaversity, and other gamified experiences to the virtual coworking space in the future. Besides, they are leveraging almost all available web-based collaboration tools to offer an optimal virtual coworking experience, including YouTube, Google Slides, MS Office, Twitch, Airtable, Mural, Miro, PowerBI, and more.

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