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Virtuleap Receives $2.5M to Enhance Health with AI and VR

Virtuleap raises the use of AI and VR for brain wellness

With a product called Enhance VR, Virtuleap has received $2.5 million to employ AI and virtual reality (VR) for better brain function.

A healthtech and educational technology firm called Virtuleap received funding from GED Ventures Portugal. A library of VR games created by Virtuleap may be utilised to assess and enhance a variety of cognitive capabilities, including spatial perception, retention, focus, and movement control.

The business claimed that by gathering information on a single platform, it could offer crucial outcomes for neurological testing and analysis.

These quick, intensive, and entertaining games were created by neuroscience researchers and are adaptations of neuropsychological testing instruments. AI learning technologies are then used to analyse the results.

The goal of Virtuleap’s Enhance VR programme is to offer a publicly accessible mental health facility that might be used as a future treatment for learning disabilities such as ADHD and other mental illnesses. Memory, focus, information processing, mental agility, resolving issues, motor coordination, and orientation in space are the seven areas of cognition into which the lessons are broken down.

In addition, the business is developing Cogniclear VR, a follow-up solution that it hopes to introduce in 2024. In collaboration with participants such as Roche Portugal and Lusíadas Saúde, a cognitive assessment instrument that utilises VR is being developed. Its goal is to be sufficiently sensitive to identify cognitive diseases such as subjective dementia early on and help prompt treatment for better medical outcomes related to mental conditions like Alzheimer’s.

This investment allows the team to accelerate the research and marketing of pioneering VR cognitive technologies at a moment when an approaching cognition emergency is firmly going on, said Amir Bozorgzadeh, Virtuleap CEO, in a release.

In order to possibly connect cognitive ability to mental wellness, the business is developing AI learning algorithms employing volumetric arrays of psychometric, tangible, and physiological information to the tune of 250 thousand data points in a space of every 3 minutes.

Leading the funding round was GED Ventures Portugal, demonstrating its continued dedication to #Tech4Purpose.

The investment in Virtuleap underscores the company’s long-term goal of engaging in innovation that improves the existence of individuals, specifically the way they feel, according to an announcement from Bibi Sattar Marques, a partner at GED Ventures Portugal. The company is dedicated to paving the path for a new, universally accessible age in mental wellness by fusing innovation and happiness.

GED is a global financial organisation operating independently in Europe, the US, and South America. It now oversees assets in the venture, private equity, and construction industries worth more than a billion Euros.

Despite any advertising expenditures, the primary item, Enhance VR, has more than sixty thousand early users who have registered. Its presence in well-known VR app shops and adaptations into five languages—English, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, and Spanish—indicate its worldwide reach. By Q1 2024, the business plans to include Dutch, French, and German.

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