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Virtuix’s Omni Acquires One Million Plays in VR Esports

Virtuix, the developer of “Omni”, a virtual reality (VR) treadmill and the esports attraction “VR ARENA” declared that its gaming platform Omniverse has reached 1 million plays. Also, the agency declared the launch of its 20th game on its own platform. The game is titled “Bull Runner” and it simulates the “Running of the Bulls” annual festival in Spain. The one of a kind approach of Omni makes way for a free, full roam virtual reality experience in a little footprint which is a vital necessity of retail operators.

VR ARENA includes a built-in staging area with social mini-games and a post-game area with social sharing stations. (Credit: Virtuix)

In order to access Omni, the players need to put on specially crafted overshoes that stretch to comfort over their usual footwear. A firm but comfortable harness is used to hold the player in place. To avoid any kind of disruption in the VR illusion, each player is dropped an HTC Vibe VR headset from above. The plastic dish which is placed under their feet is where the players slide their feet on during the simulation, moving forward and enjoying the unique and complete immersion of free roam virtual reality in a very small space. In simple terms, it is a different kind of treadmill that allows a person to move around as and when required. It is unlike the usual VR experience where an individual puts on a headset and only uses the head and hands to play a game.

Every VR ARENA attraction and Omni motion platform comes with the arcade management and cloud-based content distribution platform, Omniverse. It is used by commercial operators to run Omni games and note the revenue stats. Every Omniverse game is optimized for the location-based entertainment (LBE) as well as the Omni home system. The company has shipped over three thousand Omni units to date to more than five hundred LBE locations in forty-five countries.

Founder and CEO of Virtuix, Jan Goetgeluk said that they have understood aplenty regarding the necessity of operating virtual reality in location-based entertainment. He also said that their first leap into the LBE market was a stage-like product which had five Omnis fitted in a tiny space, and it brought in low-quality labour costs, flow, and throughput. He also added that their new attraction, VR ARENA, was designed with the help of 2 years’ customer feedback and it now has built-in esports, automated user flow, and a collection of the top=notch Omniverse games.

Virtuix initiated its content platform Omniverse in late 2017. The substantial library of games it offers lets Omni operators provide every well-known genre of games and appeal to an extensive audience. Bull Runner, Omniverse’s 20th game makes the players compete for the biggest score by going as close to the bulls without getting KO’ed. This game showcases the unique ability of Omni which allows a player to experience running physically in a virtual reality similar to the boy’s treadmill in the movie Ready Player One.

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