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Virtual Reality May Soon Help You Find the Perfect Romantic Partner

Romance has evolved greatly in the last century or so due to the invention of smartphones, computers and the Internet. Today, distance is no longer an impeding factor in pursuing a romantic relationship with your partner. If you are single, apps such as Tinder, Hinge and Bumble offer plenty of options to connect to real and like-minded people.

Scientists believe that virtual reality experiences will soon contribute to the dating process as well, improving your chances of meeting the man/woman of your choice.

VR set to revolutionise the dating space?

There was a time when online dating was scoffed at. It was believed to be the last resort for people lacking the necessary social skills to find a romantic partner otherwise. Today, however, things have changed. People often rely on quick and easy apps to find a date. With choices galore, you can today test your compatibility with a few individuals before settling for a permanent partner.

The primary draw for VR in the dating scenario is its realistic communication ability. Wearing a headset, you can virtually go on a date with the person of your choice. You can carry on a conversation, observe their body language and make an informed decision based on how the date progresses.

VR is more personal than a video chat. With the headset on, you feel as if you are truly participating in the event, since there is a virtual presence responding to your every word and movement. Research has indicated that interaction over Facetime or Skype generates more trust between the partners than simple texting does. This has led scientists to believe that dating through the VR medium should promote honesty and trust even further.

Moreover, VR experiences have limitless scope. For instance, simulations of long walks across the beach or visiting Paris together can lead to a special bond between the partners, all without spending a single penny. Due to these advantages, virtual reality can become the fastest way to promote attraction.

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The safe way to date

Safety is often a big concern when stepping out on a date with a stranger that you met online. Research shows that more than 50% of people are likely to lie in their online dating profiles to secure a better match. Therefore, a sense of tension and nervousness can ruin even a perfect date. Virtual reality can be an extremely important tool in this regard as well. With a VR headset, you and your date can stay at your respective homes and enjoy the time together, without an invasion of your private space.

However, more refinement is required for VR technology to make it ready for dating. At present, the technology is quite popular in the video game industry. Recently, VR devices are being used in a range of other fields as well. With each passing day, researchers are discovering new avenues to pursue when it comes to virtual reality. Companies too have started to utilise the technology for training its staff members in a safe and secure environment.


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