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Verizon Teams Up with Dreamscape Immersive to Create Virtual Reality Content for 5G Networks

Verizon, the US-based telecommunication giant, has announced its new venture with Dreamscape Immersive. Together, they are aiming to develop VR content for 5G networks.

The goal of this partnership is to develop innovative technology by leveraging 5G networks. 5G is a form of new-generation wireless communication technology that can work about 100 times faster than traditional cellular networks under the right circumstances.


According to the Verizon spokespersons, the newly created VR content will encompass games, entertainment, as well as educational programs. It is expected that the venture will help to innovate novel experiences using VR applications and mobile edge computing (MEC) for the public sector, corporate enterprise, educational sector, as well as education.

Big boost

Verizon’s participation in this venture is particularly significant for the telecom company is one of the leading enterprises in the field of telecommunication and wireless data. Moreover, Verizon has raised 0ver $128 billion in revenue in the last year, which will supposedly bring a significant heft to the existing market and in turn, will serve as a big boost to the VR industry.

5G innovation

Dreamscape Learn, in collaboration with Verizon, is looking for establishing a 5G innovation lab that will dedicatedly work for developing immersive learning experiences utilizing VR technology. As a part of the collaboration, Verizon has taken a majority of the equity stake in Dreamscape.

The CEO of Verizon Business Tami Erwin has stated that Dreamscape effectively shows that innovation, coupled with the power of 5G can bring powerful as well as complex virtual reality experiences using low-cost, tetherless virtual reality hardware.


On the other hand, Walter Parkes, former head of Dreamscape Motion Pictures and the current CEO of Dreamscape Learn said that the venture is essentially a partnership between Verizon and Dreamscape Learn. The latter is a joint effort of Arizona State University and Dreamscape. Together, Verizon and Dreamscape Learn will work towards developing immersive learning experiences for different education environments and levels.

Verizon Teams Up with Dreamscape Immersive to Create Virtual Reality Content for 5G Networks

Parkes also remarks that the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all sorts of effort that dealt with remote learning, training, and any other form of collaborative experiences. To this end, 5G could be an instrumental accelerator of the things that Dreamscape has committed over the last couple of years.


Apart from the VR educational experiences, Verizon and Dreamscape will also collaborate to create avatar-based synthetic simulation and training experiences for specialized profession and government uses. These VR experiences will be built on Verizon’s 5G proficiencies as well as Dreamscape’s Avatar Driven Educational and Practical Training (ADEPT) platform. ADEPT will help to deliver realistic VR setups utilizing Dreamscape Learn’s Proprietary rendering and tracking technologies. This dedicated VR platform will allow combining Hollywood-style storytelling with full-body tracking to yield an unprecedented level of interaction and precision in achieving the desired immersive experience.

Dreamscape Learn hopes to deliver on its promise by relying on the high bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and faster speed of Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband (available in select locations) and 5G Edge platform. The partnership is expected to develop low-lag VR applications that would unleash the power of remote networking, connectivity, and virtual collaboration.



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