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Vegas Golden Knights Practice Facility Gets VR-Based Hockey Training

Virtual reality (VR) technology has been used to help sports professionals enhance their preparation for games. VR is also finding use in improving the experience of fans, as evident by the VR installation by the Vegas Golden Knights. The hockey team has offered its fans a VR hockey training programme at the City National Arena. 

Sense Arena, a VR software development company based in Prague, is behind the VR system. This latest virtual reality development signifies major growth for the development firm.


Sense Arena platform users are equipped with HTC Vive headsets and hockey sticks possessing sensors to track how they move with gear on. Fans can take part in upwards of 80 drills that test different skills including passing and shooting. Users of the system can practice the drills at several levels that test their range of hockey skills.

Bob Tevita, Sense Arena CEO and Founder, remarked that his team was excited to enter into a partnership with the Vegas Golden Knights. It enabled the company to introduce its cutting-edge brain training system to the practice venue. He elaborated further, emphasising that VR has been utilised as an effective training tool across sports and industries. Tevita revealed that the Golden Knights is the first NHL installation for the brand. It will highlight how to enhance player development, evaluation and rehabilitation, for players possessing fundamental hockey skills.

The VR installation is set to stay open to fans daily at the City National Arena, also on the days when there are no Golden Knights games. Individuals who want to participate in the VR training experience should at least be 11 years of age.

Kerry Bubolz, President of the Vegas Golden Knights, expressed excitement for the introduction of VGK VR to the City National Arena.

The state-of-the-art technology provided by Sense Arena will let players enhance their skills, whilst creating a unique experience for the fans. – Kerry Bubolz

Sense Arena is backed by many prominent figures in the hockey universe. Some of these include Patrik Elias, the all-time leading scorer of the New Jersey Devils, and David Pastrnak, a right wing player for the Boston Bruins, who has a goal tally of 11 in the 2019-20 NHL season. Jaromir Jagr, an NFL legend, utilises the VR system for his Czech Republic team, and also promotes it across social channels. Participants have to pay $10 for two games, and $20 for five games. The complete diagnostic test for a fan is priced at $40.

Brian Killingsworth, Chief Marketing Officer, the Golden Knights, remarked that the VR system can be used either by advanced professionals who want to enhance their skills, and also by fans who want a hands-on experience of beings on the ice. Fans will get to witness what being on the ice is like.

Professional sports has seen considerable improvements with the advent of AR and VR technology. Creating experiences for the fans help brands stay competitive in a market where new offerings are being released quite frequently.

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