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Updated Application for Virtual Reality Experiences being Launched by Perillo Travel

Perillo Travel is resuming its efforts into the virtual reality (VR) development sphere.

The tourism business based in New Jersey had launched a VR-based travel agent marketing operation during the tail end of July 2018. That campaign included equipping thousands of travel agents with VR headsets, to let them observe the first batch of 360-degree VR videos created by the company.

Perillo is now moving towards the next phase of the launch, and it is set to host its virtual reality videos on the Perillo VR application. To produce video content, Perillo is joining forces with several travel companies.

John C. Graham, a travel industry expert with close to three decades of experience, is responsible for marshaling the program for Perillo. Graham, in his account to Travel Market Report, revealed that he and the Perillo team is anticipating the latest launch as a logical progression of the company’s efforts since its establishment.

Graham elaborated further, expressing that the current team was in the process of innovating the national TV ads launched by Mario Perillo in the 1980s. They are labelling the new product as the next step for mainstream media. Graham explained that the VR-powered product can help advisers consolidate sales, as they will have a better way to showcase destinations and entice customers.

Perillo is an advocate for helping the technology gain an industry-wide presence due to its affordability.

New media, which can be categorised as a form of mainstream media, is capable of offering a distinctively immersive experience for professionals in the travel industry. Visualisation would become more prominent in the near future. – John C. Graham

Graham believes that the development being undertaken by Perillo will transform the entire viewpoint of travel.

Perillo is partnering with E-Group Communications, a production company based in London, to launch the initiative. The E-Group will help the brand create video content to be hosted through the Perillo VR app. Both the Android and iPhone app stores now have the latest version of the app available.

The mobile application currently has VR-based experiences sourced from Perillo Tours in Italy, London Bike Tours, Jamaica Tourism, One World Trade Center, National Museum of the American Indian, Tahiti, and many more.

The Perillo VR headset, a simplistic cardboard device, can be used to watch all the available videos. All advisers or planners will receive a free Perillo VR headset upon downloading the application. Using it will enable professionals to gain a comprehensive immersive experience, courtesy of the Perillo virtual reality content pool.

Perillo, during the initial six-months phase, has plans to host free videos on their application. According to the statement made by Graham to the Travel Market Report, the company is expected to start charging for videos on its application from 2020.

Graham also revealed that the company might have a total of 20 videos included in its to-be-launched distribution platform.

Organisations creating content by utilising the production wing of Perillo will receive up to 100 complementary VR headsets.

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