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UAE to Open Its Metaverse Hospital to Serve Medical Tourism

UAE has recently made an announcement regarding the opening of the Metaverse’s first healthcare facility. According to the report, it is set for an October launch date. The

Thumbay Group will be in charge of the medical Metaverse offering. It is set to be a full-fledged virtual healthcare facility that patients will be able to go to with their online avatars. Their simulated personas can also be used to engage with physicians.

Thumbay Group was founded and is led by Dr Thumbay Moideen. Talking about the new development, the founder said that the company is currently working on developing the project so that they can have it ready by this year’s October. It is set to be a fully virtual hospital where patients will arrive with an online avatar and seek consultations with medical doctors.

 To encourage medical tourism, the Thumbay Group team plans to let patients get a glimpse of how the hospital appears to be in the metaverse. Thumbay Group provides care to patients who have been undergoing treatment for a long time to get admitted for a minimum period of six months with the help of its AR and VR-based metaverse technology. This includes those who are paralysed or cannot leave their beds voluntarily. The virtual metaverse hospital also intends to assist other individuals in need, including those with persistent disabilities.

According to Thumbay, the hospital is providing patients with assorted VR and AR headsets to make their homes visible to them. He elaborated on one instance of this, involving a Sri Lankan native who has been receiving care for a long period of time following a car crash that left them paralysed. This incident made them lose all of their sensory movement capabilities, but they were lucky enough to still have their brain intact.

Through the use of VR and AR metaverse technology, this particular individual could take a virtual trip to his room, back in his country. Thumbay emphasised that experiences like these motivate long-term patients and make them hopeful that they will be able to return to their own country.

The UAE Ministry of Health and Community Protection MOHAP opened the world’s first contact centre employing Metaverse innovations in Dubai towards the starting phase of this year. The facility is primarily intended to address the needs of clients that are within 3D environments in an efficient manner, all whilst giving them a sensory experience that is engaging and technologically immersive.

Patients may rapidly explore the world of MetaHealth by chatting with a real person from the Customer Satisfaction Center. In terms of personnel, the UAE-based healthcare institution is relying on a firm to teach all of its physicians how to interact with patients within the Metaverse.

Thumbay also spoke about the fees required for the experience, saying that there has not been any decision regarding the same. However, he hinted that the fees would be similar to the teleconsultation charges set by the operator.

The Vice President of Thumbay Group disclosed that the company incorporates hospital system AI, in a setup that has cameras identifying the licence plates of patients and subsequently their faces upon entry into the facility. Upon the patient’s arrival at the service counter, they can expect their files to be open.

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