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U.S. Air Force Leveraging Virtual Reality for Sexual Assault Prevention Training

Moth+ Flames, an award-winning VR Company, is joining hands with the United States Air Force to deploy an exclusive virtual reality program for members in Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Training (SAPR).

In a recent press release, officials confirmed that the training program was introduced to the airmen at Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina. According to the release, members of the U.S. Air Force will be trained in a range of aspects of this complex issue using VR technology. Through this training program, Air Force personnel will be trained in new intervention skills, report protocols, and victim advocacy regarding sexual assault prevention.

Pressing Time

The announcement could not have been made at a more pressing time. As per the report by the Department of Defense, the Air Force alone has received over 1660 cases of sexual assault last year, and the numbers are seemingly not coming down anytime soon. Therefore, to build a more resilient system against such heinous crime and develop a safer environment for the citizens, the US Air Force has taken a resort to cutting-edge technology as a matter of urgency.

Empathy-building Immersive Experience

The partnership with Moth + Flame aims to develop an empathy-building immersive experience utilizing VR technology. The proposed program will be designed to simulate a wide range of realistic conversations addressing sexual assault prevention, broken down into three categories, including victim advocacy, intervention skills, and report protocols. The program will reportedly utilize natural language processing technology to generate the simulated experience.

Great Pride

Kevin Cornish, Founder and CEO of Moth + Flame remarked that his company takes great pride in helping the federal armed forces to develop safer, smarter, and more responsive squads through our technology. Further, when that is meant for such an important issue, the challenge becomes even more intriguing. To this end, Cornish and his team are developing this enhanced immersive training that would help the Airmen to prepare for real-life scenarios. He added that the Air Force has been a terrific partner to work with and address this significant matter head-on. This training is designed to improve people’s response towards such untoward yet grave situations that require immediate attention and empathy.

Three modules

As revealed in the official press release, the SAPR training program developed by Moth + Flame and Air Force will include three modules:

  1. One 30-minute role-play scenario designed specifically for Volunteer Victim Advocates who will provide instant and continuing support to sexual assault victims, as well as connect them with resources and information regarding reporting information and care.
  2. Two 30-minute role-play scenarios to train Air Force personnel how to connect a sexual assault victim with appropriate resources and exercise bystander intervention skills.
  3. One 30-minute role-play scenario for Squadron Leaders to train them how to apply Air Force guidelines while confronted with reports of sexual assault in the workplace.

2-hour VR training

According to the announcement, members of the Air Force will have to undergo a 2-hour VR training program that will teach them how to tackle these sensitive situations, including the appropriate mannerisms and wording to be employed.

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