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Townsend-based Game Trailer Offers VR Experiences

Townsend-based Virtual Reality Game Truck Montana is making VR experiences more affordable and accessible

Michael Dale, a passionate gamer and former teacher has created 14 virtual reality setups within the area.

Dale who was a history teacher expressed that he loves games and considers them valuable for how they tell stories.

Dale had come to Montana along with his brother to start a business. His brother, who drives the VR truck currently, was a former oilfield worker. The idea of starting a gaming truck business stemmed from the fact that the popularity of arcades went down during the 2000s. Gaming trucks have become a popular business model side by side VR technology innovations.

The business run by Dale is a section of a more expansive California-based hub. Dale had spent some time in California last year to learn how children can utilise this technology.

The Virtual Reality Game Truck had most of the requirements Dale would want. He has made his additions to the business, by obtaining several game consoles and diversifying the options for entertainment.

There are six VR stations within the VR Game Truck Montana, along with 14 headsets and conventional video games. A PlayStation VR headset is the key mode for delivering the VR experience, but Dale does have the option of an Oculus Go headset as well. The Truck also has Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony gaming consoles for traditional-type gaming in case the VR stations are busy.

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The gaming trailer also has driving and flight VR stations, which are two of the most widely preferred options. Dale regards them as the most popular games within his arsenal. Some other popular VR games in the trailer are Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Beat Saber, Creed: Rise to Glory and Shark VR.

According to Dale, his game library also has an ample selection of shooting games. However, he chooses not to exhibit those at churches and schools as the subject matter might be too sensitive for such audiences.

Younger children love standard screen games such as Minecraft, Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. These were strategically included by Dale to make this type of gaming another aspect of his business.

Gamers can also expand their knowledge with a bunch of educational games. These offerings offer them experiences like a dino museum tour, the Apollo 11 moon landing mission, and a glimpse into Anne Frank’s life. The library also has a religious-themed game named Jesus VR, which has become a top choice during church events.

Dale has been a significant contributor for schools and churches. Giving his time to these institutions helps him create awareness for his business, whilst allowing him to support events. Dale had recently taken the gaming truck to Helena, at William Graham’s Big Sky Celebration venue. He is also making contributions for Jackson Hines, a Townsend resident who is suffering from grave medical problems. Dale assigns importance to his efforts of helping people, as his son had fallen prey to cancer.

Anyone holding events or parties can rent the truck at a reasonable rate, along with usage instructions.

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