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Top 3 Must-Visit Places in Meta’s Horizon Worlds

Here is your handy guide to navigating through Meta’s ever-growing metaverse.


The social networking giant Meta (formerly Facebook) launched its unique VR social platform on Meta Quest 2 VR headset this past December. The platform allows users to explore, create, and share an expanding catalogue of virtual worlds and VR experiences. Thanks to Meta’s creator program worth a whopping $10 million, the worlds keep expanding even further with additional user-made content available for everyone to enjoy.

As soon as Meta’s VR social platform Horizon Worlds was launched, fans started combing it to explore the superlative VR games and the unique worlds. After a substantial amount of research and reviews, it was concluded that there are a few spots that are definitely worth a visit if you are in Horizon Worlds. If you are hopping in on the platform for the very first time, we recommend that you check out the places for an unforgettable experience.


Arena Clash

Shooting games are always a favorite among VR games fans, and Meta offers perhaps the hottest one out there with Arena Clash. It is the finest PvP shooting game that you would find in Horizon Worlds. This immaculately crafted shoot at sight game is set within a vibrant, colourful arena where you can duke it out with an arsenal of devastating weaponry. Gameplay-wise, Arena Clash could be described as the standard deathmatch employing multiplayer teams. As you move around the map, you will come across more advanced weapons, from shotguns to grenade launchers, and you can employ them to move forward in the game.

Despite its apparently simplistic shooting mechanics, Arena Clash has a surprising depth involved. The map has a solid design while it offers an abundance of strategic possibilities. You will also get plenty of opportunities to resurrect the fallen teammates.


American Idol VR

Have you ever dreamt of becoming America’s next biggest singing star? If you haven’t made it in real life, you have the chance in this virtual world. Horizon Worlds feature the virtual recreation of American Idol, the biggest reality talent hunt platform for singers/songwriters. Just like the actual platform, American World VR is a public stage where you can put your musical skills to the test in front of a live audience. Your song will be judged by three experts, played by real people, and they will provide you real-time feedback using in-game gestures.


Club Vivid

To date, this has been considered the hottest hangout place in Horizon Worlds. It is a virtual nightclub open to all Meta Quest users. If you want to take a break from exploring the virtual worlds or from your mundane day-to-day schedule, this is the ‘it’ place to unwind VIP-style. You can dance the blues away to the beat of hip-hop tracks, have a little too much virtual drink, smoke a hookah, or even get behind the turntable to make the most of your night.

You will find an interactive soundboard behind the DJ’s table that will allow you to trigger specific stage and sound effects. The modern nightclub has two ginormous smoke canons too. You will have the most memorable experiences in Horizon Worlds if you visit Club Vivid on a slow Saturday night.

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