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Toll Brothers is Using Virtual Reality to Trade Edge-on-Hudson Condominiums

Imagining your million-dollar future home in a location that used to be an industrial site, is a daunting task. Toll Brothers is using virtual reality to try and make this simpler.

Toll Brothers, in its sales office for the forthcoming Edge-on-Hudson condominiums and townhomes in Sleepy Hollow, is offering Virtual Reality (VR) tours of 2 of its house models. Sales for its planned home construction on the previously General Motors plant area by the Hudson River was started in the last fall. The company is a Fortune 500 national home construction agency based in Horsham, Pennsylvania.

Across the snow-covered property’s fencing outside the sales office, Toll Brothers printed a promotional rendering of Kayakers launching in the Hudson, in January. The area was isolated and only the construction crews were moving grounds and setting down concrete.

But people using the virtual reality headsets can see the shining sun, bloomed flowers and brick households, made possible with the use of 3D visuals. In the 3D model homes, everything has been designed keeping the tiniest details in mind. Individuals can walk the staircases, enter the bathroom and the kitchen, which has bottles in the cooler and a Kitchen Aid mixer on the counter. – James Fitzpatrick

James Fitzpatrick, division president of Toll Brothers said that they are able to offer something well-defined through virtual reality, to show what they are building.

The 1st phase of Edge-on-Hudson development, a billion-dollar project led by Diversified Realty Advisors and SunCal, was bought by Toll Brothers. Its plan includes seventy-two brownstone-style townhomes and forty-six flats-style condominiums. Across 3 separate buildings, one hundred and eighty-eight apartments will be built by Toll Brother’s multi-family division.

The condos will range from eight hundred to one thousand eight hundred square feet. The brownstones are 3 and 4 stories ranging from two thousand three hundred to three thousand square feet and include customisable floor plans and rooftop terraces. The prices for brownstones start at $989,000. The condos have not been priced yet and their sales are anticipated to begin in the spring.

The venture’s lead development consultant with SunCal, Peter Chavkin said that their development presents an opportunity for Sleepy Hollow to get a waterfront. The village did not ever have a waterfront due to everything in the area being industrial.

Along the Edge-on-Hudson site’s Metro-North tracks, there is a twenty-eight-acre property where GM’s hourly employees once parked. That has been donated to the village and they are looking forward to building a community centre there. Their plans include green space, recreational facilities, outdoor amphitheatre and a bridge for walking over the rail tracks in order to link the waterfront development to the central village.

Toll Brothers expects to have the 1st group of residents move into the townhomes this fall and following which, the residents for the condos will move in 6 months later. Edge-on-Hudson’s 2nd phase will include more condos and apartments to the waterfront.

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