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The world of the Bible brought to life through new VR project

Individuals can now take a journey to the world of the Bible by themselves with a new VR experience.

The virtual reality project, titled The Immersive Bible Experience, was recently able to meet and exceed its $10, 511 funding objective on Kickstarter.

The project aims to offer its financiers a unique experience, as they can walk down the very path that Jesus walked up, interact with artifacts, and even participate in key biblical events within the virtual setting.

This VR application is being developed by Immersive History. Currently, its team is putting in efforts to bring ancient Jerusalem and the Temple Mount to life.

The Immersive Bible Experience utilises augmented reality, mobile virtual reality and mobile 3D technologies to make the world portrayed in the Bible come alive for participants.

Charyn, a member of the Immersive History team, explained how he was influenced to participate in the project due to his faith, in a Kickstarter video. He elaborated that he was fascinated by the Bible since his teenage years, expressing how God has been central to his life.

According to Charyn, he had a gut feeling that he wanted to share stories to make more people love God. When he came to know about the venture of Immersive to make the world of the Bible come alive, he decided to become a part of the project.

Jerrom Sidwell, one of Immersive History’s founding members, has an impressive body of past VFX work, owing to his association with major Hollywood mega-hits, including The Avengers and Avatar.

Sidwell shared his experience regarding how the project came to be, looking back to the time when he was attending a Biblical scholars lecture session. While he was gripped by the lecture, he observed that many of the other attendees were not really concentrating. This inspired him to find a way to make Bible education more accessible and interesting to the masses.

Through this new project from Immersive History, Sidwell and his team members are bringing the teachings and stories of the Bible to life, in a manner that has never been done before. The team has had to collaborate with Biblical scholars, leaders of faith and archaeologists to meet the needs of the project.

Based on the Kickstarter campaign standards, many of the investors received several tier-based rewards, which depended on how much they financially contributed to a project.

Users who made a contribution of nine dollars were allowed access to a three-dimensional mobile application, which can be utilised by users with Android and iOS users to get familiar with the world of the Bible. Users who contribute $10,000 can enjoy a virtual conference. The project has managed to raise almost $13k, and donations will be received until May 11th.

Based on the information from the Kickstarter page, the team has set its sights on making the finished experience available to its donors by October of 2019. Users can enjoy the experience with an Oculus Rift headset and a laptop.

Scan these QR codes with your camera to see the Bible in Augmented Reality!

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