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The Top VR Headsets You Can Buy in 2022

Whether you needing an upgrade or want to own one for the very first time, here are the greatest options for you in VR headsets.

Since the launch of the Oculus DK1 in 2013, virtual reality has come a long way. What was once just a niche technology has now become practically mainstream. The driving force behind the immense popularity of VR technology is arguably the widespread access of VR headsets like PlayStation VR and Meta (formerly Facebook) Quest. The last holiday season saw a meteoric rise of Oculus Quest 2 as one of the hottest items, with the Oculus Companion app being the #1 downloaded app on the Apple Store.

That being said, the Meta Quest 2 is not the only standalone VR headset that you should be considering this year. The market is currently flooded with so many high-quality VR hardware, ranging from premium range PC VR headsets to entry-level VR gadgets such as the Quest 2. If you are yet to get one for yourself or want an upgrade, here are some of the best VR headsets you should consider.

HP Reverb G2
This is one of the most criminally underrated VR headsets currently available. Released in November 2020 as part of Windows Mixed Reality, the HP Reverb G2 offers some stunningly impressive visuals that you can ever get from any standalone VR headset. Besides, it features some remarkable specs to give you a truly immersive in-headset VR experience.

The G2 features a killer 2160X2160 per eye resolution along with 114-degree FOV. Very similar to the Quest 2, the headset is powered by a handful of in-built cameras that enable inside-out tracking. Thus, it eliminates the need for external trackers like that of HTC Vive, another leading VR headset in the market.

The G2 is designed with a generous 6-meter-long tethered cable to give you enough freedom to move around. The ergonomic design ensures your comfort so that you can play for hours at a stretch. This is one high-end PC VR headset you can own without spending a fortune.

Valve Index
This is arguably the most popular PC VR headset right now. When it was released back in 2019, Valve Index made waves around the world, just like any other HTC hardware or software. To date, it is one of the bestselling VR headsets in the market.

Considering all its specs and features, Valve Index is hands-down fantastic. It offers truly captivating visuals, stunningly accurate tracking, and an impressive modular “Frunk” that you can customise as per your requirements to get the best in-headset VR experience.

The highlight of this product from Valve is the controllers. Along with conventional inputs like a joystick, a menu button, two face buttons, a touchpad, and triggers, it also features unique Knuckle Controllers. It is essentially a collection of 87 sensors that track every movement, from finger position and hand position to pressure and motion. This allows you to interact with the in-game world in more detail compared to most other motion controllers.

It is built to be used with SteamVR.

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