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The Sensorium Galaxy VR Experience being Developed as a Facebook Horizon Alternative

Sensorium Corporation has recently released information related to the development of its new virtual reality (VR) based media platform ‘Sensorium Galaxy’. It is a solution that can give users access to a fully-digital universe. The company has reported that the new development’s multi-user environment will enable immersion that lets users have their own virtual avatars. They can then enjoy new experiences in the company of others using social virtual reality technology.

Sensorium Galaxy entered the development phase in 2018 with support from Mikhail Prokhorov, a Russian billionaire. According to the company, the project has gone on to obtain investments upwards of USD $100 million.

Speaking about the development, Mikhail Prokhorov said that combining artificial intelligence with virtual reality brings forth new opportunities. According to him, the technology can be used to develop platforms where users can interact uninhibitedly with each other in virtual settings. Prokhorov said the development team was looking forward to creating a new virtual world communication method, which when paired with ample scope for digital self-realisation, can generate a lucrative business pathway. He said that the virtual solutions development industry expects significant market growth in the next decade due to AI and VR integration.

Sensorium Galaxy users can expect to use more than some pre-made avatars. The company has stated that users of this platform can create intricate and unique virtual versions of themselves. The amalgamation of virtual reality and artificial intelligence technology offers ample scope for virtual character appearance personalisation, tweaking of character traits, and more in-depth customisation. According to the company, prospective future developments will let users grow within a digital environment, and enable simulations of virtual world events.

Brian Kean, Chief Communications Officer, Sensorium Corporation, emphasised that the addition of AI to the equation makes user avatar immersions and virtual game mechanics more sophisticated. AI enables the virtual avatars of users to autonomously exist within the environs of the virtual environments and enhances their interactions with others. Sensorium refers to the phenomenon as a user’s ‘digital evolution’, which can manifest into ‘digital immortality’ eventually, as the project progresses.

The company has revealed that Sensorium Galaxy will feature social mechanics and more a vast range of events streamlined in association with entertainment industry leaders. The project has already seen the participation of several producers.

According to Kean, Sensorium Galaxy will also enable the digital recreation of past artists, whose creativity will go towards creating newer materials. He said that users of the experience will be able to participate in performances by legendary artists, which will be shaped using AI for developing new artwork pieces. AI can also be used to generate creative statements of non-existent characters, such as those stemming from the minds of painters, writers and sculptors.

The Sensorium Galaxy was unveiled publicly in 2019 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) held in Los Angeles. In recent times, the Sensorium Galaxy was a feature presentation at the World Economic Forum (WEF) event in Davos. Further developments are expected to highlight if it can live up to its expectations, and possibly combat Facebook’s Horizon in the VR space.

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