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The Nostalgic Remote Control Cars Meets Virtual Reality, Becomes Instant Hit in VRChat

Loved playing with remote control cars? VRChat has brought back the nostalgia of those exhilarating Remote Control (RC) Car racing in a more exciting avatar. Thanks to Chris Bradley’s design, now VRChat users can race with hyper-realistic virtual RC cars that use real-world physics.

Bradley, a passionate digital artist and animator, was fond of driving RC cars since she was a little kid. Years later, she found her new love for hanging out with like-minded people in VRChat. Thus, the love for her two favorite things led her to combine their technologies and gave birth to the biggest phenomena and the most popular trend in social VR platform—RC Car for VRChat.

Real-world physics

Bradley started dabbling in animation back when she was only 10 years old. As she became a pro in her domain, she thought it would be a really cool idea to put together her love for VRChat and RC cars. She wanted to evolve from the usual, run-of-the-mill VR experience and instead, desired to create an exclusive VR Racing game. The unique thing about Bradley’s RC car racing is that the hyper-realistic RC car racing game uses real-world physics, offering a more real-life experience.

Just like the real world, your RC car within the game will bounce around the terrain uncontrollably if you speed over bumps and obstacles, drift across the racings track, and most fascinatingly, the game will launch your VR vehicle straight into the air using a steep ramp, where you can only hope that your car lands safely in one piece. In other words, the VR vehicles will behave exactly as they would if you were driving them in real-life tracks or driveways.

Materialize her own vision

Bradley designed her enthralling VR automobiles using UDON, a unique programming language developed in-house by VRChat itself. The designer stated that the system gave her the ability to precisely replicate the behavior of Triggers and Actions. She reported that she could also use UDON to materialize her own vision of unique interactivity between the vehicles within the virtual world of the game.

RC controller

No RC Car nostalgia is complete without the coveted controller and Bradley’s design has the provision for them too. When you buy one of her VR RC cars, you also get hold of an RC controller for navigating your VR whip. The controllers look like small handheld devices, complete with a trigger and steering wheel. The more you squeeze your steering wheel, the faster your virtual vehicle will move within the race. However, keep in mind that the faster your car moves, the bigger are the chances for them to flip over and crash. In case that happens, you will need to physically reset your vehicle before jumping right into the game once again. To incorporate a little diversity into the whole interactive experience, each vehicle comes with the option of customization. You can personalize the design to fit your taste and style.

To date, the exciting VR RC Car racing has gained substantial positive feedback from VRChat members. Bradley stated that she is excited and optimistic at the same time to see where the project leads in the future. As of today, you can buy one of them for just $4.


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