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The New Skyrim VR Mod Harnesses Your Brain Power to Fortify the Magic Spells

Modder creates a “virtual real magic” mod for Skyrim VR that uses a brain-computer interface to measure your concentration.

For years, scientists have been working on “brain-powered computers” or brain-machine interfaces. Although it sounds like sci-fi, the technology has been explored by researchers for some time now. In a nutshell, a brain-machine interface means a device that can detect the electrical impulses of our brain, measure them, and translate them into signals that would control mechanical functions such as prosthetic limbs, automobiles, etc. Extending its potential, one day the technology can even be used to operate computers as well. For instance, only this year a study was conducted at Stanford University, in which a participant entered words on a computer just by imagining as if he is holding a pen and writing on paper. As amazing as it sounds, a lot more cutting-edge technology goes into this than just sticking a few electrodes into one’s head.

However, a mod has successfully achieved this innovation in the popular virtual reality game Skyrim VR. By adding an extra device to your VR headset, you can now boost your magic powers in the game. The more you focus, the more your magic bar will fill up. The size of the in-hand spell (which in all truth looks more like Dr. Strange’s spells) increases with your concentration level. And if you let it drop, you lose.

The mod titled “Real Virtual Magic” has been developed by Cangar, who is a neuroscientist by profession working in Technische Universität Berlin. Combining his passion for Skyrim VR with his expertise and interest in human brain functions, he has achieved this incredible feat. To use this mod, the players must have access to a dongle and a Muse Meditation Device, which measures brain impulses, breathing patterns, heart rate, and body movements during meditation. Further, the device translates the stats into magic power within the game and uses that force to boost the spells.

The Muse device is essentially a meditation headband. According to Cangar, it is a multi-sensory device that provides real-time feedback on your bodily activities and brain functions. It helps you to build a consistent, seamless meditation practice as well. While attached to your VR headset, the Muse 2 or Muse S device uses the same data and translates them for Skyrim VR to power the magic spells.

In a recently published video on YouTube, Cangar demonstrated how the Muse device works for Skyrim VR. As he concentrates, the magic meter fills up and doubles the power of the spells. However, even with little jumping and running around, the magic meter comes down and you lose power. So, your ability to concentrate will matter a lot in the game.

The mod is still in its alpha state. The more players would join in to test the mod the more data it would collect and expand in the future. Cangar has created a discord server linked on his page on Nexus mods. If you want to test out the mod and store your brain data, visit here.

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