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The Cool New VR Language Learning App “Mondly VR” is Now Available on Oculus Quest

Now you can learn up to 29 languages through an engaging immersive experience with Facebook’s Oculus Quest VR Headset.

Mastering a foreign language
The importance of learning languages is paramount in today’s globalised world. Be it for professional purposes or simply for the fun of knowing, mastering a new language always is and will be in vogue. But sometimes it could be a bit difficult to access proper resources for the task. Thanks to apps like Rosetta Stone or Duolingo, it is more than possible to learn foreign languages in today’s time. With the advent of VR technology, however, the task has become even easier and far more interesting than it used to be. These cutting edge-technologies can dramatically enhance the process; especially by providing interactive platforms and features to practice your newly acquired knowledge of a foreign language.

Meet Mondly VR
This is especially true about the brand-new app Mondly VR. Originally titled Mondly: Learn Languages in VR, this incredible virtual reality application offers a great immersive platform as well as an interactive experience to learn new languages. It is designed to be a robust educational application that will test your knowledge of the language by engaging you in a variety of real-life scenarios. Rather than throwing you deep into a confusing web of questions and answers, the app will put you into more realistic situations where you will have to deal with the scenario with your knowledge of the language.

Mondly VR was first released on SteamVR, Google Daydreams, Samsung GearVR, and Oculus GO headsets back in 2017. At that time, its features supported a little over two dozen languages, including English, Arabic, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, and Russian. Now, the VR app is also available on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2, offering 29 languages to choose from as of now. Going ahead in the future, the repertoire might expand encompassing more languages from across the world, the developers reported.

Language immersion
The interactive features of this remarkable virtual reality application include several fun scenarios to help you practice. For example, you will converse with a co-passenger in German on a Berlin-bound train, order dinner at a luxury boutique café in Paris, check into a hotel in Spanish, or order flight tickets to Hong Kong. The app is powered by a combination of speech recognition, chatbot, and VR technology. While you play it, an in-game character will ask you questions relevant to the situation and you will have to answer in the chosen language by selecting an appropriate response out of three choices. You can also view a translation of both the questions and the answer options for more assistance.

Engaging VR experience
The interactive scenarios play a highly effective role in helping you retain more information compared to conventional language learning apps. It eliminates the monotony and mechanical rigour of the process by adding the virtual reality element to your experience. Overall, it offers you an engaging and effective educational experience.

Mondly VR is now available on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2.

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