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Stockport town centre gets a new virtual reality attraction

The Merseyway Shopping Centre in the town of Stockport has given 2300 sq ft of its space for the opening of a new VR centre

The virtual reality centre called X-Gen VR is expected to open in the Deanery Way address during June of this year. It will offer consumers a wide range of cutting-edge virtual reality experiences and games.

Gareth Mee, an entrepreneur from Stockport, is the man behind X-Gen VR. The VR centre is set to offer an arcade including go-karts, motorbikes and Gatling guns that can accommodate up to ten players simultaneously. Users will also be able to enjoy deluxe private rooms with play spaces stretching 3m x 3m, enabling users to have the space to enjoy their VR experiences.

James Kington of CBRE and Stockport Council-owned Merseyway’s asset manager spoke regarding the upcoming launch of X-Gen VR. According to him, there has been a surge in the popularity of destination gaming across the UK and also on a global level. He expressed that it is one of the motivating factors for Merseyway becoming the home of this new virtual reality experience.

Merseyway team is assured that the X-Gen VR development will be a significant step to bring an evolution to the shopping centre, due to the new experiences shoppers will be able to enjoy. This, in turn, will increase the overall footfall and also boost the average time shoppers spend within the centre. – James Kington

X-Gen founder Gareth Mee expressed his viewpoint relating to the opening of his very first VR Centre within Stockport, which is also his hometown. He expressed his happiness for the fact that the town he grew up in and loves, is getting such a centre. According to him, the scale of Stockport and its location, the town’s centre can draw a lot of potential customers. To drive his point home, he offered the example of the Redrock and the reinvented market area.

Mee expressed his gratitude for the investment offered by the Stockport Council. He also acknowledged the role of recurrent events and the town’s entrepreneurs in making the market area thrive. Mee also stated that he was looking ahead to become a part of the latest business and investment booms at Merseyway.

Caroline Simpson, Stockport Council’s corporate director of place, expressed that the launch of X-Gen VR is encouraging for the town centre of the town. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a set of different experiences.

According to Simpson, X-Gen VR will add to the range of attractions of the area, which include notable venues like Redrock and the Produce Hall. She believes that following the addition of the VR arcade to the map, more people will visit the town of Stockport.

Simpson further stated that watching new businesses open is encouraging, and the excitement is higher for Mee’s arcade, due to his love and passion for the town and its centre. She wished good luck to Mee for the launch of X-Gen VR.


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