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Star Citizen Developer Says They Have No Doubt They Will Add VR Support

The space adventure game Star Citizen, which is still in early access, has been relentlessly working on incorporating VR support even before the advent of consumer headsets. With time, the game continues to grow further ambitious in terms of scale and scope and the probability of VR support looks to be postponed indefinitely. However, a team member of the studio confirmed that VR headsets will eventually receive support.

Since late 2017, developers CIG (Cloud Imperium Games) have been rather discreet about VR support. That was when they last spoke about concentrating on it along with a brand new UI developed while considering VR. However, CIG Junior Engine Programmer “Silvan” has mentioned that they will gradually provide VR support. In a CIG forum post, Silvan wrote that one of the main reasons for him joining this firm is to offer VR to Star Citizen. Several others in the firm are just as enthusiastic and dedicated as him.

There are various hurdles to overcome. According to Silvan, it isn’t too big a challenge to implement VR into the game but making it properly playable is the big task that needs solving. He says he is more concerned about bonding it into the animation system and the locomotion that they may be able to offer. After all, nobody wants to have players teleporting in the verse.

Star Citizen developer CIG working slowly on VR-support. Image source: cig

What started as a 2012 Kickstarter development project, Star Citizen has since expanded exponentially both in scale and scope. Their Kickstarter backup was a mere $2.1 million which is now $303 million of funds has played a significant role in bolstering the company’s vision. Inside the game universe, plenty of things have been added ever since – bounty hunting, mining, first-person combat, piracy, delivery, cargo, planetary landings and much more – tons of elements to design around if the game finally provides VR headset support.

Silvan added that he believes they will incorporate VR step by step. For instance, the first step could be simply viewing ships in the hangar or putting it to use in a cockpit. However, a complete VR addition like that of Half-Life Alyx is another story. He wouldn’t promise anything but his personal goal is to bring out something close to Alyx but with a fully visible body and IK because he doesn’t much like seeing only hands in VR.

Silvan also talked about other larger proponents of virtual reality at CIG, and they would do everything necessary within their capabilities to offer VR to Star Citizen users. He says it is going to be a massive work and it will take some time, but he is certain they will finally get there.

The game’s roadmap that is publicly available and projects out to Q3 2020 does not seem to be indicating VR anywhere. While that may not be a definitive sign, there is no saying what the outcome will finally be.

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