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SideQuest Gives You the Freedom to Sideload Oculus Quest Apps without PCs

Until recently, Oculus App Lab, the official app store owned and managed by Facebook was the most popular site for sideloading apps. The major reason for their popularity was the ease of use they offered. However, SideQuest, the unofficial Quest app store, has reportedly surpassed the former in terms of popularity. The reason behind this is the fact that SideQuest is offering users an opportunity to Sideload Quest apps with their smartphones. While Oculus App Lab required a PC to access the apps, SideQuest has reportedly launched a unique mobile app that allows users to Sideload these apps without needing a computer or a wired connection.

SideQuest, in its bid to provide an upgraded facility, has taken a giant leap forward. This improvement is also expected to serve as an advantage for them in order to retain relevancy in the form of an unmoderated marketplace for all the games, programs, and experiences on Quest’s platform. However, the SideQuest mobile app is only supported in Android phones that support OTG. Users will also need a Quest headset of any generation and a USB cable to link the headset with the phones. Here is a detailed instruction on how to use the SideQuest mobile app:

1. Enable Oculus developer Mode

Go to Oculus Developer Organization’s dashboard, log in to the Oculus account, and create an organization. Even if you are not a developer, you can still put a random name and create your organization. Agree to their terms and services to proceed further.

Once you have created the organization, open the Oculus app on your Android phone. Then go to the settings menu located on the bottom right of the app. Tap on the tab to expand the given options under ‘Your Quest’. Then select ‘More Settings’. You will find the ‘Developer Mode” amongst the various toggles given there. You will then only have to toggle on the said mode to enable it. Once done, you can reboot the headset for better measure.

2. Connect the SideQuest App

Once you have enabled the Developer Mode, simply download the SideQuest app from Google Play Store.

Next, plug in the Quest headset to your phone using the USB-C port.

3. Enable USB Debugging 

As you will put on your Quest headset, a pop-up window will appear in VR asking “Allow USB Debugging?”Now, you will have to check the boxes saying “Always allow from this computer” and “Allow access to data”.

4. SideLoad and Enjoy

Once you go through all these steps, you are good to go. SideLoad anything you want from Oculus App Lab wirelessly with just your phone.

Oculus App Lab is nevertheless easy to use. However, it is not a great way to keep an eye on the novel and interesting content, for the games on App Lab are not visible on the Oculus Store. SideQuest, on the other hand, has direct access to App Lab links when they are available. You can enjoy tons of games, tools, apps, and experiences via SideQuest.

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