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ServTech’s technology development ancillary enters new virtual reality agreement with carmaker Volvo

Vection has completed its VR framework agreement with luxury car company Volvo.

Vection, the recently acquired ancillary of ServTech Global, is a software development unit that has stepped into an agreement with the luxury automobile manufacturer Volvo Car Italia SpA. As part of the agreement, both parties will contribute together to develop interactive-type customer experiences, geared towards drawing customers from a wider market segment.

The Virtual Reality Framework Agreement was signed recently by Vection Italy SRL and Volvo. Following the deal, the carmaker will be able to utilise the augmented and virtual reality technology of its partner to enhance its drive for accelerated innovation in the automotive sector.

The first step to be taken by Vection after entering the agreement is to develop a marketing tool based on augmented reality technology. It will help to exhibit the occupant protection feature of Volvo vehicles, along with highlighting the safety features including the airbags and safety cells of the company’s cars.

Pic: ServTech

Vection, who is set to complete the project within a month, can look forward to earning revenues up to $30,000 following its completion.

Gianmarco Biagi, Managing Director at ServTech, and former CEO of Vection, revealed that the deal between the two companies is a segment of the larger global-level partnership plan. Vection aims to become the pioneering VR software developer for tier-one organisations.

According to Biagi, the hands-on collaboration with luxury carmaker Volvo is helping the development firm gain prominence within the automotive business sector. Vection is playing an active role in helping Volvo power up its developmental strategy.

Biagi stated that Volvo incorporating VR technology is a major milestone that will help Vection gain automotive industry leverage and worldwide recognition. He also revealed that the partnership will see Vection utilise VR technology it has implemented for the likes of Ferretti Yachts and Lamborghini into Volvo developments.

The virtual reality technology offered by Vection is used by automotive manufacturers as a cost-friendly substitute to conventional test model and prototype fabrications.

Biagi highlighted that the design stage is quite time-intensive and costly aspects of manufacturing vehicles.

Virtual reality enables design teams to create realistic virtual visualisations of a vehicle. Designers can also avoid the expensive ordeal of having to create a smaller physical prototype every time a change is made. The technology provided by his company can drive down project costs and ensure better collaboration internationally. – Gianmarco Biagi

Designers can make real-time changes in vehicle designs while collaborating with team members from any corner of the globe. The new technology can also be implemented as a configuration part of new vehicles, replacing the current variant available to customers.

Biagi said that every single design aspect from minor components to appearance can be visualised using the VR technology. In addition, manufacturers can create a better sales-level experience for customers by being able to virtually display cars in different colours and lighting conditions.

The Volvo-Vection deal received its funding from ServTech shares.

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