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Sensorium and Mubert Team up to Develop AI-Driven DJs for Virtual Music Concerts

Sensorium, a Los Angeles-based company known for developing AI-driven virtual reality experiences, has launched their latest venture of developing AI-driven DJs in collaboration with Mubert. The project is their latest attempt to create artificial people, also known as virtual beings.

In their effort, Sensorium aims to develop AI-driven DJs to provide simulated virtual experience at concert venues.

Photorealistic avatars

Sensorium is known to create virtual characters, or photorealistic avatars, that look just like real people. The creators say that these virtual DJs in this effort will be designed to create a constant flow of music autonomously that suits all environments and moods. It will create a varied array of photorealistic virtual artists with musical preferences and unique identities. These digital characters will be designed using Genetic Algorithm that will drive their behaviors and enable them to soak up data from the environment to foster their knowledge. This will contribute to the constant evolution of their music styles. This is also an effort to create the metaverse, the universe where all the virtual worlds become interconnected. To date, Sensorium has reportedly collected over $100 million for this mission.

Artificially generated music

Mubert’s technology will assist the project by empowering these virtual artists with the ability to create artificially generated music, ranging from EDM to indie rocks and K-pop. Using a vast database of samples, these virtual musicians will be able to handle over 60 genres of music. Mubert, as an independent technology company, has created and delivered numerous multi-genre tunes to the audience since 2017.

Sensorium and Mubert Team up to Develop AI-Driven DJs for Virtual Music Concerts

Last year, Mubert’s mobile app has been awarded “App of the Year” by Google Playstore and was selected as “App o the Day” on the App Store in 170 countries. Mubert has also developed AI technology that is currently used by services such as PicsArt, Insight Timer, Sleep Cycle, and Crello. Several other companies use Mubert’s copyright-free tunes for several purposes as well.

Sensorium Galaxy

Ivan Nikitin, the product head at Sensorium reported that the virtual stage, where all the artists will perform is Sensorium Galaxy. This is a multi-user social virtual reality platform that is dedicated to redefining the manner in which people get familiar with the arts and communicate with one other. The Galaxy is reportedly built in collaboration with artists, music producers and other entertainment companies. In this Galaxy, these virtual DJs will perform along with famous musicians like David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Armin van Buuren, and Carl Cox. The AI-driven DJs, Nikitin declares, will complement the talent of these real-life musicians in the alternate universe of the Galaxy. This will be a perfect mix of AI-generated creations and human art.

Multi-user social VR platform

Nikitin Describes Sensorium Galaxy as a multi-user social VR platform. It is the evolution of social networking that takes its users beyond the conventional one-dimensional digital experience. He described it as a virtual space where people can interact, meet new friends and experience different activities spread across different universes. Nikitin also reported that the first universe Sensorium is set to release is called Prism. The company currently has a working team of more than 60 people based in Montreal, and it will launch a closed beta test of Prism around March.

Creators at Sensorium sound hopeful about their new venture. They claim that the creation will give the audience unique experiences that they can never have in a real concert.

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