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Satbayev University Launches VR Lab for Engineering Pupils

Virtual reality helped Satbayev University open a VR lab recently

The new facility lets students see advanced technologies. Satbayev University and Kazakhstan’s authorised Porsche importer collaborated on the project. Porsche has long promoted culture and education, according to company representatives.

Virtual reality lab designed by auto brand experts was called the Porsche Learning Centre. Students studying transport engineering are already learning about cutting-edge mechanical engineering technology. Virtual reality glasses allow students to study the Porsche car-making process, from design and testing to serial sample assembly. Instruction takes place in the classroom due to the VR lab. University students can practice auto repair with virtual reality goggles. Students can fully engage in learning and experience the most lifelike conditions by directly interacting with 3D objects using virtual reality technologies. They can look inside an engine or gearbox, examine every detail from every angle, and understand the mechanism and basic operation of every major car component. 

The university’s rector, Meiram Begentayev, said at the lab’s opening ceremony that its partnership with the automaker benefits both practical technical practice and students’ immersion in advanced technologies. 

Begentayev said that his team collaborated with Satbayev University instructors to create a digital laboratory for engine maintenance and repair last year. The Kazakhstani Porsche importer supported the idea and gave the university access to its experts and a platform to film instructional videos for the virtual reality lab. Satbayev University has trained over 110 students in modern technologies. Satbayev University also organised a virtual reality Olympiad for college and university students. Begentayev expects 80 students to use the digital VR lab this year. 

Academics discussed how virtual reality can teach technical skills. The University’s collaboration with Porsche allowed Porsche to host frequent joint seminars and scientific and practical conferences, according to the instructors. This format enhances students’ research projects and fosters a lifelong interest in applying theoretical knowledge. 

Gauhar Gabdrakhimova, Kazakhstan’s official Porsche importer and company director, said the importer will continue to offer training video filming in the car center’s workshops. New 3D videos are needed to keep the university’s virtual reality lab current and align students’ knowledge with the latest automotive industry developments, she says. Because the information is updated regularly, Kazakhstani students can study current technological advancements in the global automotive industry rather than historical materials and know the most relevant novel solutions. 

The company is pleased to help Kazakhstani students improve their technical education. Porsche has always prioritised innovation, public curiosity, and scientific research. Porsche Kazakhstan promotes gifted students and cutting-edge technology in the classroom. The organisation does this to improve youth education. The company’s internship programme helps the best specialists get hired. Its team is pleased to help Satbayev University, a prestigious Kazakh university with a rich academic history, strengthen its expert training programme. Its members are committed to long-term collaboration for Kazakhstan’s technological advancement, according to Gabdrakhimova. 

The company installed a life-size Porsche Taycan electric sports vehicle on the university’s front entrance as a symbol of their enduring collaboration. According to Gabdrakhimova, this represents the university’s collaboration with the worldwide manufacturer and stimulates students. Life is an adventure that ought to bring one to their innermost objectives, as implied by Porsche’s motto, “Driven by Dreams.” Many young individuals consider college the start of their life’s adventure or the way forward. According to Porsche Kazakhstan’s CEO, each trip begins with a desire, and every step must be taken to render it a reality.

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