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Relive the Thrill of Hunting with Virtual Hunter—A Brand New VR Hunting Simulator

Explore a vast hunting arena filled with prized trophy animals with “Virtual Hunter” and get access to real-world hunting weapons and other essential equipment for hunting in a perfect virtual environment.

Exciting hobby
Since ancient times, hunting has been one of the most popular and exciting hobbies of mankind. Exploring a dense forest and tracking down a large, deadly beast is perhaps the most enthralling experience one can have, let alone the excitement of hunting it down with some swanky weapon. While the act of hunting has been restricted officially in many parts of the world now, this does not mean that you will never feel the thrill again. A new VR game, titled Virtual Hunter, is once again bringing back the excitement of tracking and hunting trophy animals, but within a virtual environment.

Virtual Hunter
Scheduled to release in 2022 in PC VR headsets, Virtual Hunter is essentially a VR FPS. It will take you on an exhilarating adventure into the wilderness in search of trophy animals, as well as a vast collection of wildlife. You can track and hunt them using a collection of real-world hunting weapons. The game also gives you access to a chock-full of equipment essential for hunting.

Initially, the game features two species to hunt—red deer as a big game animal and the smaller European hare. Understandably, both have their own challenges. The big game animals are a bit more difficult to hunt than the small ones, mainly because of their improved senses/ However, the hare, although smaller, is fast and perceptive. So, you will have to be attentive and more creative while tracking them.

Unique feature
The unique feature of Virtual Hunter is that the species of animals are designed with their own unique behaviours. They could even smell hunters coming from miles away. It is like tracking and chasing animals in the real world, where every step is as unpredictable as it would be in the true wilderness. This makes the game exciting nonetheless, but at the same time, it tests your skills and patience.

Thanks to the extended arsenal of the upcoming VR FPS, you will have access to advanced hunting weapons and essential equipment that would help you with the task. You can choose from rifles, hunting bow and arrows, and much more weaponry during your expedition. Also, the type of weapon and ammunition you use during the hunt will play a crucial role in your success.

Exciting plans
Developers of Virtual Hunter reported that the initial version of the upcoming game will comprise a 4X4 km open map with two species of animals. However, they have exciting plans to upgrade and modify the game with more coverage area, more species, and of course, a wider variety of weapons and ammo going ahead. The game will also feature extensive tutorials, including archery range and shooting range.

Virtual Hunter will be available for gameplaying on PC VR headsets via SteamVR. For now, it is set to launch in 2022 with provisions of further modifications and upgrades.

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