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Refract Technologies Kickstarts Full-Body Virtual Reality Controller

Refract Technologies, a Singapore-based VR company known for its previous Virtual Taekwondo, is ready to launch its new full-body VR controller titled AXIS (Active XR Interactive System).

In early 2021, Refract Technologies grabbed the VR enthusiasts’ attention with their stunning Virtual Taekwondo. The enthralling mixed reality experience lets players confront each other in a face-to-face martial arts combat using Refract Technologies’ cutting-edge full-body motion control. Recently, the company revealed that the controller work utilizing their full-body motion tracking system called AXIS. 

Most realistic

According to reviewers, the technology is arguably one of the most realistic VR systems in today’s time. So much so, it has grabbed the World Taekwondo Federation’s attention for its true-to-life experience. It has been reported that the esteemed foundation is working alongside the VR tech company to organize a virtual Taekwondo event in the coming months of 2021.

Kickstarter Campaign

Considering the appreciation and expectation AXIS is getting so far, Refract Technologies announced the launch of the official Kickstarter campaign for it. According to the developers, AXIS is designed to be a wireless full-body motion tracker technology that will make it possible for VR enthusiasts to get their own full-body VR controller without cutting a hole in their pockets. It will be composed of 9 individual sensors that would be strategically placed across the user’s body and an on-body wireless hub. The system, consequently, will enable highly accurate full-body tracking. The system also offers low-latency, real-time tracking.

Eliminate the need for external trackers

The company remarked in their official press release that the compact, inside-out tracking system will effectively eliminate the need for all kinds of external trackers. Also, it will enable the technology to be used in smaller spaces. This is going to be a game-changer, for this would make this cutting-edge system more accessible to the users, for now they can enjoy immersive VR full-body control even if they don’t have large rooms.

Real-life applications

It is important to mention, however, that AXIS has may have a lot more real-life applications other than gaming. The company has released three models of the full-body tracking system so far, i.e., Standard (designed for traditional 2D gamers) Creator (designed for motion capture animators), and VR (for headset users). Thanks to its detachable straps and modular design, it is extremely easy to use. You can swiftly strap in or strap out of the full-body controller with zero hassle. This is indeed an attractive feature particularly for VR arcades for it would take less time to switch customers. It could also be very useful for professional VR creators who need extended use of the system.


For the Kickstarter, Refract has set a goal of $98,433 for AXIS. With 44 more days to go, they are about $83000 away from their target.


If you are interested, you can pre-book and reserve your AXIS system only for $499. Refract has also announced a limited-time exclusive early bird special for $399. This would also get you a copy of Freestriker, the stunning first-person combat game by Refract.

AXIS is compatible with OpenVR, OpenXR, SteamVR, as well as Oculus apps.


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