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RealWorld Brings You an Opportunity to Explore the World in Virtual Reality Through Hand Tracking

A newly announced app called RealWorld is all set to compete with Google Earth VR as the latest reality exploration app
A newly announced app called RealWorld is all set to compete with Google Earth VR as the latest reality exploration app. While Google Earth VR is available only via PC VR, RealWorld offers a great alternative through a standalone virtual reality headset that also allows users to connect with family and friends in real-time. It is similar to Google Earth VR in many aspects, but instead of Google Maps, RealWorld uses Bing Maps.

The new VR app, engineered by Cubic VR, lets users explore real-world spaces in a unique 3D splendor. The technology is still being developed. However, it is reported that it can initially be accessed on Oculus Quest. Further, plans are underway to enhance the app to support mobile phone usage. The goal is to enable users to visit real-world locations as well as see markups and notes left by other RealWorld users. In the future, it will also support augmented reality to allow users to find and see other VR users from all around the world.

RealWorld is said to offer the VR experience you might get from Google Earth VR. However, due to the limited computational power of its standalone VR headset, it does not surround the users entirely. Rather, it only appears on a demarcated area on a tabletop. Yet, users can still be able to move into the VR map and adjust its proportions as per their preference. The view can easily be zoomed in and out by a ‘pinch’ gesture. The trailer released by the developers shows that users, while on the platform, can also virtually grab one another in a multiplayer-like experience. Currently, the app is being developed for Quest as well as other XR platforms.


Introducing Realworld – The World At Your Fingertips

An Abundance of Features

The developers, Cubic VR, state that there are plenty of features in the RealWorld that users won’t even find in Google Earth VR. For example, the multi-user feature is undoubtedly the best feature of the product. Additionally, RealWorld is said to include hand tracking system, so that users can ditch their touch controllers and jump right into the immersive experience. The developers hope that this feature is likely to attract more VR enthusiasts. On the other hand, RealWorld also packs features like importing 3D models and setting them up in the landscapes, capturing images and videos, as well as streaming them online with friends.

Using the 3D Data Same as Microsoft Flight Simulator

Since RealWorld uses Bing Maps instead of Google Maps, it has access to the 3D data used in the Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is likely to enhance the VR experience and make it more exciting.

Although RealWorld is still under development, interested users can already register for a beta test of the product as well as subscribe to their newsletter from Cubic VR’s official website. The technology is being tested for AR headsets and PC VR like the HoloLens2. Smartphone AR is also under testing.

If you don’t have a VR compatible PC to explore Google Earth VR, you may still use the latest Wander Quest app. Although it only supports Street View as of yet, it also supports multi-user mode just like RealWorld.

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