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Qatar Airways enters partnership with Rolls-Royce to start trial of its VR training tool

Industry-first Virtual reality-based training received by Qatar Airways for Engine Maintenance of Rolls-Royce Trent XWB. Qatar Airways has gained the distinction of becoming the worldwide launch partner of the Virtual Reality training tool by Rolls-Royce. The airline company, recognised for its innovative drive, becomes the first to run trials of this cutting-edge technology under its engineering training scheme.

This latest tool has been created to offer Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engineer refresher training within a virtual setting. It therefore does not require the presence of a physical engine. With this development, engineers from Qatar Airways are becoming the first company within its industry to utilise this leading-edge technology.

The A350 fleet of Qatar Airways, which is powered by the Trent XWB, is the largest engine designed and manufactured by Rolls-Royce. It requires its parts to be separated and transported for repair and maintenance. With HTC Vive equipment, engineers can gain an immersive experience involving sight, touch and sound. The purpose is to separate the parts of the engine in the virtual space, without having to rely on a real engine.

Rolls Royce Virtual Reality Training for Engineers

His Excellency Mr. Al Baker, Chief Executive, Qatar Airways Group, spoke regarding the partnership recently. According to him, Qatar Airways is an innovator in the airline industry, due to its drive to continually transform various aspects of its business. He said that the key objective of the company is to facilitate amazing on-board experiences for its competitors during each of their flights.

The company focuses on implementing the newest technology from its engineering department, to make sure that customers are satisfied and do not face any hassles while arriving at their destination. The company was excited regarding the Virtual Reality tool for offered by Rolls-Royce for training and expressed delight for Rolls-Royce having chosen Qatar Airways as its worldwide launch partner. – Mr. Al Baker

Mr. Chris Cholerton, President – Civil Aerospace, Rolls-Royce, also shared his insights on the subject of this technology partnership between the two companies. Speaking regarding the development, he said that Rolls-Royce are in the process of designing engines, running tests and performing maintenance in the digital domain. This is the reason why welcoming leading-edge technical innovation within training programmers is a sensible decision.

Virtual reality can be used to train engineers in some tasks, in a similar vein to how pilots complete parts of their training within a simulator. Qatar Airways was the very first client to get a Trent XWB delivery, praising the company’s vision for innovation, which was a determining factor for its selection as a suitable launch partner. – Chris Cholerton

The Virtual Reality training platform by Rolls-Royce is not the first foray of Qatar Airways into the VR sphere. It follows the August 2018 venture that saw the company become the worldwide launch partnett of IATA’s Ramp RampVR™. Developed by IATA, the award-winning program makes use of cutting-edge VR for creating air-side simulations for training purposes.

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